Dungeon plate/mail drops are rediculous

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10/01/2012 10:15 AMPosted by Warshock
Basicly, I have done over 50 heroic pandaria runs. ALL that ever drops is plate,and then next is mail. But 99% of the time its a plate drop. and Ive gotten 2 cloth pieces since I hit 90. Its getting kind of rediculous. I beleive they need to fix the drop rates on leather and cloth.

I wish. While I haven't done a TON of dungeons I've run a few. I'm wearing 2 plate pieces from dungeons. They both dropped in the same dungeon on the same run. Outside of those 2 pieces I have yet to see any plate except for 1 other piece - pally healing gear.

No exaggeration. I've seen 3 pieces of plate drop out of 44 boss kills so far. And no +str rings/necklaces or dps trinkets have dropped. So literally 3 pieces, only 2 of which that I could use. Its called rng. It sucks right now. First day of DS in lfr I won 3 pieces of gear. It all evens out in the end. You can't look at a small sample (and yes, 50 is a small sample) and make generalizations the way you are. At least not effectively.

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