Earthshield Issues.

So, IIRC ES in DS would hit for about 7-8k. Now.. in 455 ilvl with 19k Healing Spellpower... ES hits for ~7.7k. Really? Is this a bug? or did it get nerfed because multiple ES's can now be put on 1 target? At 7.7k/tick it's almost not worth the GCD, except for the 20% bonus to healing. At this point, I'd love a glyph that removed the charges and healing associated with earthshield, or for the spell coefficients to be fixed.
/wondering if I should post this in the bug thread.
ES has a very low SP coefficient (13%, I think) and low base healing, so it is not a bug; the spell just scales very slowly compared to a spell like HW which has higher base healing and SP coef.

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