Race change?

Hello Forums,

I have had this character since prebc. I have always thought the character and the name is very unique and I still believe it is damn unique.

And then.....

MoP releases

My nick name is panda, and I love pandas. I don't know what to do here. Should I stay gnome or should I go panda.. one ability I will miss the most is Escape Artist which is awesome in pvp.

Do any of y'all wanna change your race to pandaren? Or you happy with where you are at?

Pinklord out, thanks for reading
If you can accept that gear will look bloated and loose on you then go Pandaren. Their Food racial is great, almost as great as Expansive Mind, and Quaking Palm is a great option to CC persistent melee, not as generally useful as Escape Artist but it's a different tool to supplement alternate play.
I'm happy where I'm at.

Undead still #1 but pandas are #2
If I was alliance I'd be a gnome, no substitute.
I don't really advise it... then again, I'm not a Pandaren fan...

However, before you do, consider the following:
Gnomes get 1% expertise with daggers, one of a mages most used weapons. For ALL players, expertise get converted into spell hit, not just melee characters. So while using daggers, you get 1% free hit, much like draenei do! That is why I am race changing today to Troll, and what made the decision for me. They get 1% expertise with RANGED weapons, IE wands. I LOVE my blood elf, but our racials in PVE blow... so troll, here I come!

If I was alliance, I would be a draenei, no question, since they have the least restrictive PVE racials... If blood elves' racials were not so useless in PVE, I would stay blood elf... but they are nerfing what we have even... 6% mana back to 2%... wtf... Where is the BE love blizz? T-T
I'm happy where I'm at.

Undead still #1 but pandas are #2

Were do the humans come in?

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