warlock spec or upcoming arena

Hey I will be playing with an resto shamman. Anyway I have been liking destruction in pvp so far just because of the burst potential, although it has never been against someone with a healer or support to pull them through that burst during the fear. In arena would one of the other specs be a little better or will destruction pull through for me? I would just like your opinion! I've also been playing around with grim of sacrifice and like the potential but am wondering if it will be a bad story when I am in cc for half a match. thanks!
what do you think about the sacrifice talent? iDoes the pets pressure outweigh the extra spell power?
I can't personally guarantee it but I vaguely remember that using GoS with affliction equals a 5% dps boost.

I know however for a fact that it gives MG a serious boost not to mention the crazy buff to DS
Coz GoS doesn't give good enough regen or potentially a large enough permanent HP boost?

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