Power shot is broken?

Are any other hunters having problems with power shot? it doesnt seem to be hitting about 50% of the time, no absorb, no dodge, it just doesnt it.
I've noticed it too. i think i'm going back to glaive toss for pvp, can rarely get the cast off against players with a brain anyway...
Yep im having the same problem. When I use it and look at the my actions list it isnt even there.
Travel time, it doesnt 'track' like our other shots, by the time it gets to the target they may have simply moved away.

Thats my theory at least.
Was dueling a friend and tried to launch him off a cliff with a trap -> powershot, but there was no knockback... so I kited him around some more, trapped him, and then just used my explosive trap.
Looks like I'll be using glaives for PvP soon.

Edit: the slew of explicatives shouted at me from the successful explosive trap was well worth the extra mile.
You mean you havnt stealth camod up to LM and lauched whole groups off yet?
Powershot, and all level 90 talents, will do zero damage if the target LoSes or moves out of range before it hits. You also still get charged focus and it goes on cooldown.

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