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Alright so I just hit level 90 awhile ago. And I had a question, besides doing heroics for gear, what do I need to be working on? Which rep's should I aim for first that would benefit me? I know I want that dragon mount, and well simply anything that can help me. I am simply just doing quest so I can try to complete all of them while I queue for dungeons.

I have my JP capped out at 4k as well but don't understand how exactly to spend them? Do I need reputation with certain factions?

Thanks in advance,
They just put in a hotfix last night so that you don't need rep to buy the iLvl 450 JP gear. So go spend your JP at whatever faction vendor you please.

Do the Arena of Annihilation scenario for a 450 weapon.

Scenarios in general have a chance to give you decent gear, plus the daily VP reward.

As far as which reps... I couldn't tell you. You don't need to buy crafting patterns off any of them as a skinner/miner, and you don't need rep for JP gear anymore, so it's down to VP gear and mounts etc. Check wowhead for lists of what you can buy off each faction and decide what you want the most. http://www.wowhead.com/factions=1245

Note that you can't work on August Celestials or Shado-Pan until you're done with Golden Lotus, so Golden Lotus is a pretty good default. If you're into fishing or cooking, those give some fairly obvious answers, too.

Lorewalkers apparently only takes an hour or two to do, lots of guides on youtube for that.
Right now I'm working on The Golden Lotus and the Klaxxi. You can pick up the breadcrumb to Golden Lotus dailies in the Alliance city in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. For the Klaxxi, go completely quest Dread Wastes. You'll get a few 450 rewards from the quests at the end of questlines, and each new paragon of the Klaxxi you find while questing will unlock more dailies for you to do to improve your reputation with them. After completely finishing Dread Wastes and one round of the Klaxxi dailies I'd unlocked, I was already into Honored reputation with them. (Although warning here: at least one of the Klaxxi dailies is bugged and can't really be completed.)

Anglers really only gives fishing stuff. Tillers is worthwhile if you're into Cooking. Cooking dailies are also, obviously, worthwhile if you're into cooking. Lorewalkers and Order of the Cloud Serpent are probably ones you want to work on if you're into mounts.

edit: Also! You probably got a [Mysterious Note] when you dinged level 90. This will give you a quest to go talk to the Black Prince in the Veiled Stair. Go talk to him and he'll have two quests for you. You can skip the one to get stuff from raids right now and pick it up later, but pick up the other quest to get reputation with him from killing mantids and mogu. You'll pick up reputation with him while you're doing your other dailies and questing, and if you decide to start raiding in the future, you'll be glad you got the rep grind part out of the way already.
alright thank you guys =)

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