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Pet Battles
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they are just another random battle mob, in the wetlands you can get full sized rams not just the little black ones, i think it is just to add to the amount of things to kill lol
10/07/2012 09:45 AMPosted by Gilroykilroy
No daily for me today either so I would say it was not fixed.

The restart this morning didn't fix it either for me (but I was able to snag a Minfernal :) )
I would actually like to see a manager kinda like the one for gear sets, so I don't have to search to reform my teams for different areas.
There is are addons that can help you with this. I use: PetJournal Enhanced and Pokemon Trainer: The Pet Battle Mod, both excellent mods (and there's probably many more) for those of us who are addicted to the new Pet Battle system! :D
10/05/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Crithto
We have a quick update about the Pet Battles achievements you guys have been great in reporting: Cory Stockton has just [url=""]announced[/url] that they've located what was causing the issue and it has been hotfixed. They should be functioning correctly now across both factions.

So I hate to be a downer here, but since the pet battle dailies were hotfixed, my dailies have actually stopped working.

My dailies were functioning properly up until now; I would finish the quest for each zone and unlock the dailies after defeating the grand master trainer. However, any daily battles that I had completed on or after the 5th, (Friday) have stopped resetting, so I can now only complete each daily once.

However, I am willing to forgive you, under the condition that you provide for me exactly one (1) sandstorm in Tanaris. (Kidding!)
Any word on Battle Pets having their levels reset?

I was going to do some battles today between BGs but I opened up the Pet UI to find that a) all of my Battle Pet slots had been reset and b) all of the pets I had leveled thus far are now reset to level 1. Oddly enough, I still have the achievement for having leveled a pet to level 5, but there are not any level 5 pets in my inventory. Also, I still have 3 Battle Pet slots in the UI, meaning the game recognizes that I've progressed a pet to the appropriate level at some point.

This is very annoying and makes me wary of leveling my pets again because of several questions:

  • If I begin to level pets again, will they also be reset at some random point in the future? I don't like feeling that my game time has been wasted and that's what this issue is doing.
  • If I were to begin leveling the same group of pets right now, would their former levels still be recoverable at all?
  • Why should I participate in a game progression system that will just reset itself for no reason?
  • EDIT: the pets I have captured from world pet battles were not reset, only the pets that were originally in my account inventory.
    I had defeated all the horde trainers for Taming EK but now they're all greyed out.
    Darkmoon Faire Balloons (the ones you buy from Carl Goodup) still can't be used as pets.
    Plz fix Pandaren Monk's "Fury of 1000 fists"
    It's still not 100% stun rate under weather "Darkness" (provided by Gilnean Raven)

    Makes my combo basically useless.
    Tried to learn Pet Battle training on my gnome mage AFTER I learned it on my panda shaman and it won't work. Even after getting the Pet battle tag to show up in the training window it says I already know it, but that is not the case in my general abilities book. Not happy here. :(
    My 85 paladin can't learn the Pet Battling skills, any news on this being fixed?
    I defeated all the Kalimdor pet tamers and each one is checked in the Taming Kalimdor achievement but the achievement did not complete.

    I also can only do the Eastern Kingdom daily pet battle quests in Hinterlands and Eastern Plaguelands the last two days. The first day I could do them all.
    Minefield still doesn't work. It doesn't always proc when a person manually swaps in a pet. Also, if you let too long go between turns, the game will treat it as if 10 rounds have gone by. The mines will still be on the ground, but nothing will happen.
    This is in conjunction with the postings about not being able to train at a battle pet trainer. Here is the issue (Which is NOT fixed...):

    ALL of my characters on ALL of my servers have the passive ability "battle pet training" in the spellbook except for my two pandas. When I go to the trainer to get this training, it says "already known", therefore not allowing me to purchase it.

    If I log in as one of my other characters and continue the quest chain, I can move forward with my pandas, but not purchase the race specific pet (which, by the way does NOT show up for any of my other characters) because I still need to "see my trainer".

    One of my husband's panda shows "battle pet training" in his spellbook, but his other one does not. So he is having the same issue as I am with one of his pandas.

    When I sent in a ticket, I was sent back a letter droning on that I needed to research my character. The bug was NOT addressed at all. It is not a specific character issue if it shows I don't have it in my spellbook, but that the trainer says I already do, therefore not allowing me to train it.

    I have been attempting to call customer support all morning, after waiting in the hold queue for five minutes, I was disconnected (from a land line), and now their queue is full.

    This bug needs to be fixed so that I can properly complete the chains and use the pet battling system properly, to include purchasing the race specific pets (my pandas can see it, but can't buy other characters can't see it at all).
    I visited all the Eastern Kingdom pet tamers today but was only offered daily quests from the ones in Duskwood, Hinterlands and Eastern Plaguelands.

    I was able to do Hinterlands and Eastern Plaguelands the 2 days before but hadn't checked Duskwood those days.

    It would be nice if the Deadwind Pass pet tamer was moved to the edge of the town so lower level characters don't have to fight their way through the level 69-70 mobs to reach her.

    Several of the pet tamers could be moved closer to alliance flight points to make them a bit easier to reach.
    As of right now the issue with the Pandarens not being able to pick up the Jade Crane Chick hasn't been fixed (Audrey Burnhep is still telling me that I need to learn Battle Pet Training (Passive).

    I'm still able to battle with the existing pets I have, and even capture new pets, but if I win a battle with a master pet trainer I don't get the next quest to battle the next master until I go back to that trainer with my main and defeat them again.

    It's been almost 2 weeks this going to be fixed soon?!?

  • [09/28/2012] A bug has been fixed that caused turn inputs to sometimes be skipped, causing only one pet to take action that turn
  • [09/28/2012] Conceding in a random PVP Pet Battle should now count as a loss
  • In addition, we’re investigating a possible issue with traps not upgrading and will get it resolved as quickly as possible.

    Thank you! And here I thought it was simply lag that caused me to miss turns
    (It's at the 1:25 mark)
    Also happy to hear the traps do gain an upgrade after you catch enough pets as the higher level battles do get tricky.

    One question about conceding: will it still not register for the achievement "No Time To Heal" if my opponent concedes and none of my pets are down?

    Also, is there a way to track my pet wins/loses on the armory like my arena battles?

    Thanks again!

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