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Pet Battles
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  • [09/28/2012] A bug has been fixed that caused turn inputs to sometimes be skipped, causing only one pet to take action that turn
  • [09/28/2012] Conceding in a random PVP Pet Battle should now count as a loss
  • In addition, we’re investigating a possible issue with traps not upgrading and will get it resolved as quickly as possible.

    Thank you! And here I thought it was simply lag that caused me to miss turns
    (It's at the 1:25 mark)
    Also happy to hear the traps do gain an upgrade after you catch enough pets as the higher level battles do get tricky.

    One question about conceding: will it still not register for the achievement "No Time To Heal" if my opponent concedes and none of my pets are down?

    Also, is there a way to track my pet wins/loses on the armory like my arena battles?

    Thanks again!

    also wanted to know if theres a way to track ur pet stats on the armory. any1 kno?
    None of my new characters can learn Pet Battle Training or their racial pet. Older characters seem to be able to. My Tauren monk I made yesterday can't learn it and also the two Panderan I made at launch.

    *edit* Also noticed that it's showing that I haven't unlocked pet battles on my profile for some reason.
    Another Bug) Vale of Eternal Blossoms has serious phasing issues with pets. There are only a handful of non-phased pet spawns that spawn correctly (like the north eastern Golden Civets). Otherwise if you've done any quests in the zone, the entire zone appears void of pet battles.
    Another Bug) Also I'm seeing problems with the Pandaria Safari. Specifically I have the following pets but they do not show up as caught:

    Emperor Crab
    Silkbead Snail
    Garden Moth
    Shrine Fly.
    lol I just battled an actual Gazelle aswell, no fawn or whatever, an adult gazelle that was the size of my toon...... Alas it spammed Tranquility and I failed to capture it...... darn you crits... why don't you come up when i need you?!
    I am wondering about the complete lack of critters to battle in Deadwind pass. It is in the achievement log. However, after several attempts and fly overs, I am yet to locate even one single critter to battle/capture aside from the one that is with the battle master in that zone.
    I tried to do my Battle Pet Dailies today and still nothing!!!!
    Re: Deadwind Pass pets

    The pets in question are Restless Shadelings over in the Master's Cellar and they begin to appear only after midnight server time.
    10/10/2012 04:24 PMPosted by Turaraberd
    I tried to do my Battle Pet Dailies today and still nothing!!!!

    Yes--I thought pet battle dailies were fixed, but have seen no evidence of that. It is not listed as a known issue on the bug forum. Similarly, pet traps: are upgraded pet traps from achievements still not working? I trust the fix will be retroactive.

    It is discouraging when features clearly not working appear as having been hotfixed and aren't acknowledged as open issues.
    Started going after all the tamers this evening. Got all of the kalimdor ones knocked out and got the achievement, as well as my main battle pet party up to level 20. However, I started getting the eastern kingdoms ones knocked out only to find I couldn't battle all the trainers. Some of them are alliance - makes sense, I have to do some of them on an ally toon. No prob.

    So I switch to my ally toon and head out to conquer the remaining pet tamers in EK. Then I realize that I had lost my kalimdor achievement (even though defeating each trainers progress was ticked) and had gained the EK Tamer achievement (even though i hadn't yet defeated all the tamers). Is this a bug or intended?

    If it's intended....not cool. I can understand having horde only and alliance only achievements, but if that's going to happen, make it so I DONT SEE the lost achievement that i cannot get. IE - when I'm on my horde character, don't show me the EK Tamer achievement that I cannot possess as horde, I hate seeing gray incomplete achievement boxes, I'm an achievement hunter. So, like I said, if it is impossible for a horde character to possess the EK tamer achievement, hide it or something - so when I press Y all i see are nice shiny colorful boxes of achievements I have completed. Better yet show it, since I was under the impression these achievements are supposed to be account-wide anyways (which is why I think this is a bug so I need clarification). Thanks for the responses!
    The Stranglethorn Vale requirement of World Pet Mauler is still not registering, nor is Devouring Maggot for Northrend Safari.

    Still haven't been upgraded to strong trap.

    Still can't get the dailies in Azeroth despite beating all those trainers. I got to do both "Dailies" once then they never showed up again.
    FINALLY was able to buy the raven on my Trollbane worgen!
    My dailies have stopped working, none of the grand master trainers or even the regular trainers are showing any quests.
    As you can see by the following updates, we're still keeping a very close eye on Pet Battles. You guys have been fantastic with your continued updates and we sincerely appreciate that, and your patience. Please keep in mind, due to the nature of these types of fixes, they very likely won't be active until after next week's standard maintenance has concluded. Here are the things we are hotfixing:

  • Battle Pet Training is now correctly shared account wide to all characters.
  • Numerous pet battle achievements should now reward correctly:
      • Taming the World has been reduced to 40 pet tamers from 45. The achievement should now properly reward to players that earned it before or after the hotfix.
      • Taming achievements should now reward correctly. Many players reported the criteria completed but the achievement would not complete.
      • Taming achievements rewarding correctly should also alleviate the problem with daily quests not activating correctly. The daily quests are unlocked based on the Taming achievements being completed.
  • Strong and Pristine traps should now correctly be rewarded to players from achievements. This fix should retroactively award the traps to players that already have the achievements.
  • Purchasable pets have been removed from the Eastern Kingdoms Safari achievement.
  • An issue with account daily quests not resetting has been fixed.
  • Note that many of the achievement fixes will show incorrect UI until patch 5.1.0. Rest assured that the data is correctly working though.
  • An issue with phased pets in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has been fixed.
  • I've noticed, (What I think at least), is a bug with dots and weather effects in pet battles, if the pet who applyed the dot or weather effect dies before the duration of the move expires, the move does nothing for the rest of the duration. This is really irritating when you load up dots on a few pets only to have the dotting pet die and all your effort go to waste! Need to know if this is intended or if anyone else is having these sorts of issues!
    10/10/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Freemaan
    I am wondering about the complete lack of critters to battle in Deadwind pass. It is in the achievement log. However, after several attempts and fly overs, I am yet to locate even one single critter to battle/capture aside from the one that is with the battle master in that zone.

    The only pet in deadwind pass is the restless shadeling which only appears in the early morning. And they only spawn in the cellars underneath the village.
    I just went to the grandmaster tamer in Deadwind Pass to do the daily - the first time I have tried since unlocking them a few days ago - and she is not reset, does not give a daily quest, and does not even have the tamer "speech bubble" marking her on the mini-map . . . are the quests supposed to be fixed effective immediately, or should we wait for a realm restart to see if that fixes it?
    I was able to buy my Jade Crane Chick today on my pandaren, which I was previously unable to learn, so I would like to report that is working correctly now.

    The achievements have still been buggy for me, but I am assuming that those are some of the fixes that will start working after maintenance.

    Thank you for the updates! :)
    I still am at 43/45 tamers with unearned achievement and all criteria completed for EK tamer and not have the achievement. Also the pet battle dailies are not working for me. My strong trap was fixed though.

    So will some need a restart to fix? 'Cuz I find it weird my strong trap was fixed but my other 3 acheivement/daily weren't
    Great updates!

    I was wondering if you all had a chance to look at the issue where pets are not updating on the armory? My Pet page is completely empty, and shows that I haven't even learned Pet Battles, whereas my achievement list is updating correctly with all my Pet achievements. I have 281 pets (and counting!) and I'd love to show them off :(

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