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10/16/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Damaynee
did the ability chew get a major nerf today???

It seems to have been balanced.
In a pet battle, Warbot died without activating the Mechanical Passive (returning to life) ... killed by a Horny Toad using Frog Kiss. This exact same kill, killer, and effect has happened twice now.

It also just happened with a Nether Faerie Dragon using Arcane Blast. Twice.
please take felwood and the other zones with rare pet spawns off the cross realm zone thing in my opinion cross realm zones is the worst change youve made to the game in four years of me playing and i play a warrior so everyone knows how often we get nerfed
they cut its dmg in half; thats more like killing the move than balancing it
10/16/2012 05:45 PMPosted by Alitari
In a pet battle, Warbot died without activating the Mechanical Passive (returning to life) ... killed by a Horny Toad using Frog Kiss.
A Spotted Bell Frog using Frog Kiss did this as well.
Huntress Vael'yrie in Krasarang Wilds is listed as a Stable Master but doesn't have the option to heal your Battle Pets.
My Darkmoon Zepplin died while Bomb was active on the enemy team, then it faded without it being dodged, missed, or doing damage. This has happened three times recently, most recently while fighting Piqua.

Fighting Dor the Wall with a Strand Crab, hitting round 67 and had repeated missed turns. Was Stunned by Headbutt in round 66, it faded in Round 67, but round 68, and 69 I was not able to do anything ... round 70 Stunned again by Headbutt, round 71 it fades, and I missed actions in round 72 and 73.

Fighting Fangor with a Zooey Snake, both of us used Burrow to gain Underground in Round 2, Fangor had a higher speed then my Zooey Snake, but was somehow able to hit and damage it despite Underground making my Zooey Snake "Unattackable." until it had faded, which occurred after Fangor attacked.

I'm fighting Piqua with a Spider, and Piqua used Lift-Off which applied Flying, but my Spider was somehow able to hit with Poison Spit despite Piqua being "Unattackable". In another round, I was able to use Leech Life while Piqua was Flying.

I'm fighting Bleat and it used Stampede while it had Brittle Webbing, it killed my Spider but didn't take any damage from the Brittle Webbing. This happened again, but my Spider survived the first attack of Stampede, Bleat took damage, then died to the second attack and Bleat too no damage. I'm fighting Diamond and it has both Poisoned and Brittle Webbing applied by my Spider, but my Spider is dead, and Diamond isn't taking any damage from those attacks.

I'm fighting Lapin with a Spider, and Lapin used Burrow to apply Underground, but my Spider was able to hit it with Leech Life, which missed (dealing no damage) but was healed nonetheless.

I'm fighting Bleat and had Curse of Doom applied by my Creepy Crate before it died, and then 5 rounds later, Curse of Doom faded without missing, being dodged, or doing damage. I'm fighting Mollus and had Agony applied, my Creepy Crate died, I pet swapped as a result, and the next round the Agony faded without doing any damage.

I'm fighting Mollus with an Amber Moth, I used Moth Balls, and have 5 entries in my Pet Battle Log, the first and last two missed, with the middle one hitting, but no slow effect was applied. I used Moth Balls again on Crusher, have hit 3 times after using it twice, but it has not yet applied the slow effect.

I'm fighting Crusher and it used Renewing Mists, but the buff states "Restores 8 health per turn." and yet it is healing at least 143 points per turn.


Can you give an idea of what "a high chance to miss" and "a moderate chance to miss" mean? Perhaps give percentages? A lot of the pet battle stuff seems to be black box, and it doesn't help us figure out what abilities are good or not.

There are Osul Farstalkers who wander too close to Seeker Zusshi, so you can come out of a pet battle with him and right into a fight with them.

I am fighting Skimmer with a Darkmoon Zepplin and have Decoy up, but Skimmer somehow was able to apply Soothe despite being "Protected from enemy attacks." ... Decoy's description should specify, if intended, that "Creates a wooden decoy that protects your team from two damaging attacks." because putting my pet out of combat for two turns is a big hit.

Is it intended that Battle Pets Quests are Account or Daily Account, but items like Magical Pet Biscuit, Happy Pet Snack, Pet Grooming Kit, and Sack of Supplies are BoP?
09/28/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Crithto
A bug has been fixed that caused turn inputs to sometimes be skipped, causing only one pet to take action that turn

I had 3 pets die to 1 wild pet b/c I only got in 1 turn (and these pets should not have died - should have been an easy battle). I can look at the combat log and it's all the wild pet. I couldn't do a thing with any of my pets except sit there & watch them die (the switching only happened due to a death). This is super buggy right now!

It seems to happen when the wild pet has some ability that last several turns (rat bombardment, etc) and from then on I no longer can do anything.
Old bug that NEEDs fixing:

Geyser (stun/3round delay/damage) does half the damage that Stun-seed and Elementium Bolt.

Corpse Explosion is not working properly. The dot afterward just falls off when your pet dies, making the ability horrible. This NEEDS fixing.
Outland pets seem to have a VERY low respawn timer, making these zones almost binary in terms of pet spawns. Either they're all up because no ones been around, or all down because someone recently was looking for a rare.

There's an area where I can battle level 18 pets almost nonstop in Terrokar Forest, but most other Outland zones seem poor for leveling via pet battles compared to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.

Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm are very poor for battling level 20 pets of any kind. I spend far more time flying around looking for an occasional pet to battle than I do in the pet battles. Very disappointing.
I'm fighting a Jungle Grub with an Amber Moth, I used Cocoon Strike which applied Silk Cocoon, then was hit (despite having a 100% chance to block an attack) by an Acidic Goo attack.

Regarding my previous post about my Amber Moth not applying Speed Reduction to opponents despite hitting, I am fighting a Luyu Moth with a Marsh Fiddler and it missed, hit, missed, and hit, then applied Speed Reduction. It then used it again, missed every time (the first attack being blocked by Silk Cocoon), but still applied Speed Reduction. It then used it again, hit the first time, then missed the rest, and then applied Speed Reduction.
grand master antari bugged again on firetree/boulderfist. anyone on a functioning server?
I just caught three shades in the Masters Cellar and still did not get credit for a pet capture in Deadwind Pass....Do I need to be in a spacific location to get the Taming achieve??
I'm fighting a Marsh Fiddler with a Yakrat and used Stampede, but it didn't apply Shattered Defenses until the final round of the Stampede (so it went 2 rounds without applying it).

I'm fighting a Luyu Moth with a Marsh Fiddler and I used Cocoon Strike in Round 20, it applied Silk Cocoon, it then faded in the next round, but graphically it was still there.
10/02/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Crithto
Pet Battles matchmaking has received some tweaks, you should now find PvP matches to be much more in line with your pets’ levels even if your opponent’s pets are dramatically different in level
When I have a 23/24/24 and I face off against a 24/25/25, I beg to differ that this has been fixed. I am being put in a situation where I will lose, and there is no benefit to me if I fight and lose, so why waste my time and fight? To give me a reason to even consider an unbalanced match like this, there should be a reward, less than if I win of course, just like getting Honor for losing a Battleground.

The PvP pet battle scene seems very empty ... in the past 5 matches I've seen the same guy 4 times.

Further, has there been any movement on making sure you don't face the same person again and again? While some people like to have rematches, it is usually the choice of the loser to do that (hey man, I can take you this time!) rather than it being forced on you.

Perhaps if there is a level difference between the pets, the system could temporarily increase the level of the lowest level pets so as to level the playing field.
I'm fighting a Jungle Grub with a Marsh Fiddler, I used Cocoon Strike that applied Silk Cocoon, but my opponent was able to hit me with Acidic Goo. The Silk Cocoon only faded after it blocked Consume the next round.

I'm fighting an Amethyst Spiderling, used Cocoon Strike that applied Silk Cocoon, but my opponent was able to hit me with Poison Spit; my Silk Cocoon faded without blocking any 'attack'.

I'm fighting an Amethyst Spiderling with an Amber Moth, I used Cocoon Strike that applied Silk Cocoon, but my opponent was able to hit me with Poison Spit.

I'm fighting a Savory Beetle with an Amber Moth, I used Moth Balls, hit the first 4 out of 5 times, but didn't apply Speed Reduction. Tried again, hit, miss, miss, hi, miss, no application. Dodge, miss, hit, miss, miss, no application.

I'm fighting an Amethyst Spiderling with a Marsh fiddler, and it used Brittle Webbing on me in round 13. I used Cocoon strike in round 14, killed the Amethyst Spiderling, but took no damage from Brittle Webbing. I then used Screech on Savory Beetle, but didn't take any damage from Brittle Webbing.

I'm fighting a Sea Gull with an Amber Moth, I used Moth Balls, it missed, hit, missed, hit, missed but did not apply Speed Reduction.

I'm fighting a Jungle Grub with a Yakrat, it hit me with Sticky Goo applying Sticky Goo, but died the next round and stopped doing damage for the rest of its duration. Interesting, I can't swap.

I'm fighting an Amethyst Spiderling with a Yakrat, hit it in round 5 with Poison Fang, applying Poisoned, but I died in Round 7, and the Amethyst Spiderling ceased to take damage from Poisoned.

I just finished a series of pet battles and my bag location has been shifted right into Right Bar 2 (from the default interface ActionBars).
I noticed a couple of abilities where the tooltip doesn't match the performance. In both of these cases, it would seem to be the tooltip that's bugged, not the ability - the abilities would be sub-par if they matched the tooltips.

Specifically, Absorb, on various snails and a handful of other pets, claims to have a one round cooldown. It does not actually have any cooldown - and from a balance standpoint, there would appear to be no reason for it not to be entirely spammable, as it does half a standard attack's damage and half a standard attack's healing.

Secondly, Sons of the Root, on the Terrible Turnip (and presumable Sons of the Flame on Lil' Ragnaros) actually does twice the damage it says - each individual turnip does damage equal to what the tooltip says is dealt each turn, and two turnips attack each turn, resulting in double the damage of the tooltip. However, the tooltip would have it do only 3/4 of a standard attack over three rounds - and while the turnip is invincible for those turns (largely, still takes DoT's and attacks that can hit underground pets), he'll still take an attack on the first one if he's outsped, and the opponent is free to switch and use non-attacking moves while the turnip stays underground, stunned. Add onto this the fact that the ability has an 8 round cooldown (well, functionally 6, as the cooldown starts the turn after the move is used rather than the turn the turnip emerges, which may itself be a bug), and the damage it currently does, rather than the damage the tooltip claims it does, seems quite reasonable.
(Copied from the Bug Forum)
The Renewing Mists battle pet abilitys buff tooltip is showing that is is restoring 8 health per turn when in fact it is restoring 8% of max health per turn. The tooltip is showing this at all pet levels and for all pets that have the ability. This is only an error for the buff tooltip, the actuall ability is still working correctly and if I hover my mouse over the actuall spell it shows the right number for health gain.
10/20/2012 02:50 AMPosted by Alitari
I just finished a series of pet battles and my bag location has been shifted right into Right Bar 2 (from the default interface ActionBars).

I have been able to correct this by casting stealth, or other abilities that changes your main actionbar (such as stances/shapeshifts/etc.). Just a quick temp fix for the classes that can.

@Alitari How many hours a day average do you do pet battles?
Call darkness (giving the blinded status, 10% reduced hit and 50% reduced healing) does not work correctly with any ability that should benefit from it like pandaren monk's fury of 1000 fists, nocturnal strike or spectral strike. Fury fails to stun 75% of the time and nocturnal/spectral strike keep missing (all these abilities should strike 100% with blindness up).

I know critters are immune to stun and elementals are immune to weather effects (call darkness is a weather effect). But i have tried the above on each and every pet type with hardly any success.

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