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Pet Battles
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Additional to my above post. Tuns out as a GM pointed out, we can only carry 500 pets at a time, So, if you have duplicates that are lower, release them so you don't go over the 500 count.
Staff xmas party at Blizz.....everyone has to make 3 lvl 25 pets each and fight 5 opponents...every time you lose a battle you have to "do a shot"....also any descriptions of abilities that dont match the actual ability durations could be written down and a complete list ready by the end of the party...all free...well some hangovers but hey thats what you get for picking fail pets right?
Um, where are the new pets? I have been checking the various zones since the servers have come up and have yet to see any of the new ones :(.
I am fighting Chirrup with a Darkmoon Zeppelin. When using Missle, the initial flame / rocket launch appears, but the actual rocket doesn't appear (the rocket was visible prior to 5.1).

When on the Mounts and Pets, looking at the pets, Filtering and Sorting by Level ... it isn't ideal. I have Creepy Crate, Darkmoon Zeppelin, Curious Oracle Hatchling (25, 25, 13) as the first three ... but if I scroll down, I eventually find ... Amber Moth, Bandicoon, Dancing Water Skimmer (25, 25, 25) below level 1's (Wood Frog, Worg Pup, and Yellow Moth). So it appears to be grouping by source then sorting by level.

When on the Mounts and Pets, looking at the pets, Filtering and Sorting by Rarity, I have Darkmoon Zeppelin, Muckbreath, Pebble (25, 13, 9, all Rare), then I scroll down and find Creepy Crate, Curious Oracle Hatchling, Mr. Chilly (25, 13, 13, all Uncommon), then scroll down more and find Amber Moth, Bandicoon, Dancing Water Skimmer (25, 25, 25, all Rare). So it appears to be grouping by source then sorting by rarity.

Creepy Crate's ability, Death Grip's tooltip reads "Deals DATA ERROR Undead damage and forces the opponent's lowest health pet to swap into battle."

I am fighting a Gilded Moth with a Crunch Scorpion. I used Sting while the moth was under the effect of Silk Cocoon, but was still able to apply Sting (it did not "block the next attack that strikes you.") (no change over 5.1).

Edit: I've determined that the sorting sorts by Favourites first then everything else. Also there is no way to reverse sort any list, or have it sort without putting the Favourites on top.
Any word on the 'change' to pet trainer battle XP?
I'm using a Tainted Rat. It's tool tip for Stampede says "Starts a stampede, causing 77 Critter damage." ... it should say "Starts a stampede, hitting 3 times for 25 Critter damage each time." The distinction is important because of the flat damage reduction of some shields that render this ability useless, but would seem useful if the original tool tip information was correct.

Pet battles on mountains continue to give "Pet battle area is obstructed." errors.
The actual elementium bolt seems to be missing from the casting and landing animations for the Elementium Bolt attack.
Two months later and achievements still Jacked UP, I kno drug dealers with better customer service, and better ethics if they can't deliver what they say they reimburse one way or another. Tell me Blizz what's it like to lie to your customers, and just think it's ok.
Is it intended for the Darkmoon Hatchling to be uncommon after it is learned instead of rare like the other pets for darkmoon tickets?

Edit: After the hotfix the new Darkmoon Hatchling I got is rare but the one I learned yesterday is still uncommon :(.
For some reason, my fossilized hatchling's bone prison did not root the pets on a pvp opponent on 2 different pets. Also, opponent had two Blighthawks with Ghostly Bite ability but they weren't stunned after using these skills.

Never mind, opponent used arcane winds weather.
Some issues regarding the darkmoon eye - it seems to never take damage from certain types of AoE attacks.

1. Cyclone will charge it but it never hits (atleast when DME is in the rear ranks).

2. Whirlwind also never seems to hit the DME, and the DME does not exhibit a dodge animation.

3. Magma lava wave hits the DME really friggin hard, 350ish damage in lvl 15ish pvp fight. (expected 45-53 damage) maybe this is the culumination of all that missed whirlwind and cyclone damage, can't be sure I haven't had enough encounters with DME yet.

There are a few other pets that are, a flying model, NOT TYPE, that also seem to be impervious to the cyclone random damage.

Also some improvements could be made to the Pet/ mount interface window, mostly for the purpose of linking objects to friends / guildies.

1. Pet / Mount window loses 'focus' after running a string based filter.

2. Make the active Pet team link-able, rather than just the 'Master List' on the side.

^ these last 2 may be because of some of my addons, but if not they are hopefully small changes that can be taken care of eventually.
When I used my Infinite Whelpling's Early Advantage against the Darkmoon Trainer's Monkey, I suddenly get kicked out of the pet battle. This has happened to me twice before I decided changing my lineup.
12/5/2012 and random pet battles, namely the DMF pet trainer battle, still has turns being skipped.

Just had the monkey go off 4 times unanswered.
Twice, I've had Lil' Deathwing cast Elementium Bolt and had it not applied to the enemy team. There was no dodge or miss noted in the battle log, and no notation that I even cast it - but it was on cooldown anyway.

Also, why is this no longer stickied?
12/5/2012 and random pet battles, namely the DMF pet trainer battle, still has turns being skipped.

Just had the monkey go off 4 times unanswered.

This. I have given up on battling him until his thrice dammed monkey is fixed.
Still waiting for that safari hat fix. And a gm was kind enough to send me a critter stone to upgrade that dmf pet that got hotfixed :D
I have been encountering a problem/bug off and on since pet battling was introduced. I was told it was fixed but it has not been. I have a merged account. If a character from one is logged in, even if that account's character does not even have a pet out, I am told that the pet journal is blocked by another user, and cannot use any of my pets on any of my characters. I'm not pet-battling on one and trying to do it simultaneously on another: I cannot battle my pets on any of my characters at all while both are logged in. This bug has also endured when logging off of the alt account and still being online on the main account.
I am fighting a Scorpid with Pebble. On round 16 and 17 the Scorpid used Triple Snap dealing 70 damage. After his move on round 17 I used Sandstorm (all pets take 31 less damage). On round 20 the Scorpid's Triple Snap did 70 damage (not a critical and while Sandstorm was still active). I have noticed in other fights that while my damage to opponents is reduced, their damage to me is not.

I am fighting a Bat with Pebble. On Round 12 the Bat used Screech dealing 58 damage. I used Sandstorm on Round 13. On Round 14 the bat used Screech dealing 53 damage. In subsequent rounds my Stone Shot and Rock Barrage were penalized by the 31 points that Sandstorm is supposed to reduce damage ... but the Bat's attacks were at full strength.

I am fighting a Spider with Pebble. At the beginning of round 12, the Spider used Poison Spit dealing 66 damage. I then used Sandstorm. On round 14, the Spider used Poison Spit again dealing 63 damage (noncritical).

Sandstorm appears to be broken.

Shouldn't an Elemental be able to bypass the negative effects of weather (damage and accuracy reduction in the case of Sandstorm) because they "ignore all weather effects"?

I have been fighting with a Celestial Dragon and have found that the Dragonkin buff (50% additional damage on the round after bringing a target's health below 25%) is erratic. I've seen it proc at the beginning of a fight, I've seen it last several turns, and I've seen it carry over from killing one pet to fighting another.

I am fighting a Bat with a Celestial Dragon. On round 5 the Bat died and Dragonkin was applied to my Dragon. I used Ancient Blessing in round 6 and used Breath in round 7 before Dragonkin faded.

I am in the Eastern Plaguelands looking east towards Tyr's hand (69.5, 74.5) and can see a Festering Maggot ... but as soon as I get to 70.6, 74.5 the maggot disappears. Phasing.

I've seen this twice now ... my first row pet (Fossilized Hatchling) is dead, and my second row pet (Celestial Dragon) gains a level ... but the tool tip in the main screen says "Fossilized Hatchling has reached Level 12" and shows the Fossilized Hatchling's icon, even when the text in the Pet Battle and General tabs says "Celestial Dragons has reached Level 12!"

What is the order of events in Ancient Blessing? I've seen it both apply the additional health before and after the heal ... so sometimes your health will go up to max, then 'drop' as the additional health is added.
If this is still true ...
10/01/2012 03:36 PMPosted by Crithto
If you encounter any other concerns regarding Pet Battles, please post them here.
... could we get this thread stickied please?

Edit: If this is not true, where would you like us to post our feedback?
Sandstorm has not been fixed over the 5.1a patch.

I'm fighting a Lava Crab with a Fossilized Hatchling. On round 14 the crab used Shell Shield, but then didn't do anything on rounds 15 or 16 (Survive faded at the end of round 14). This sequence happened again on rounds 19, 20, and 21 (on 19 the crab used Shell Shield and Survive faded at the end of that round).

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