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Pet Battles
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Well my monk was a powerhouse while this lasted. Though it will let me balance my teams a little better.
what is the status of Minfernals are they bugged or just ridiculously rare?
What about the people kinda explointing the PvP queue system with, say a level 10, 5 and 1 pet so that they face up against people with level 5 or so pets that can't stand a chance against the level 10 one?
I'm still getting the skipped turns issue.
09/28/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Crithto
  • A bug has been fixed that caused turn inputs to sometimes be skipped, causing only one pet to take action that turn

  • This still needs to be addressed. Had 2 games in a row where whenever I put in a command the enemy pet would just attack and I never took an action forcing me to forfeit.

    Also when I went into repair mode on I was turned into a frog the same turn and it skipped a turn on he repair timer counter and it took 3 turns instead of 2. On top of that I didn't even get the heal. If that were not enough when my mech died it didn't come back to life and no it had not died yet that match.
    09/28/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Crithto
    State-dependent abilities should no longer have their effects reversed (example: Maul should correctly require that the target be Bleeding)

    If this really happened then reduce its cooldown, don't let us get used to something and then completely screw it up....
    I'm Also getting the skipped turns issue as well abilities not even being used but then incurring the cooldown. I checked the battle pet log and it doesn't even register yet it goes on cooldown.
    I may be looking in the wrong place, or doing something wrong, but i am unable to battle any trainers at all. I get no quest prompt anywhere to begin the chain of trainer battles, and if i try to talk to one, i just get a text window and no option to battle. Is there a bug present, or am i missing something?

    Originally, the first day or two, the pet battle trainer didn't give me any quests, either. Eventually i got the four-quest chain that starts you out, but nothing after that. I'm not even sure what is supposed to happen next, but so far i have nothing. ;)
    Not sure if this is a bug, but my blizzard bear pet does not seem to have rare quality pet stats because when i compare it to other rares of the same lvl it has lower stats in all three category

    someone confirm plez?
    Shrine fly and silkbead snail are still not showing in pet journal
    09/28/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Reefguy
    Any chance we can get a list of all the balance changes?

    Looky what I got!

    Full balance change-list that was applied during the recent hotfixes:

  • Build Turret: Cooldown increased by 1 round
  • Tidal Wave, Magma Wave: Damage increased 40%
  • Scorched Earth: Initial damage increased 66%
  • Call Blizzard: Damage increased 66%
  • Sunlight: Damage increased 100%
  • Sandstorm: Damage increased 66%
  • Call Darkness: Damage increased 100%
  • Illuminate: Damage increased 100%
  • Arcane Storm: Damage per pet increased 60%
  • Moonfire: Damage increased 150%
  • Call Lightning: Damage increased 150%
  • Cleansing Rain: Healing increased 60%
  • Dive/Devastate/Proto-Stike/Lift-Off/Heroic Leap/Meteor Strike/Launch: Damage increased 17%
  • Howl: Duration increased to 2 rounds, cooldown increased to 3 rounds
  • Horn Attack: Damage increased 47%
  • Crouch/Staggered Steps: Cooldown reduced by 1 rounds
  • Extra Plating: Duration and cooldown increased by 1 round
  • Perk Up: Healing increased 40%
  • Swarm/Stampede/Zergling Rush/Flock: Damage increased 12.5%
  • Quake: Damage increased 20%, cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Tympanic Tantrum: Damge increased 40%, cooldown increased 1 round
  • Bleat: Cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Ancient Blessing: Healing increased 40%
  • Crystal Overload: Damage to self reduced 37.5%
  • Conflagrate: Base and bonus damage increased 25%
  • Plant: Healing per turn increased 20%
  • Inspiring Song: Healing per pet increased 20%
  • Coocoon strike: Cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Squawk: Cooldown removed
  • Cyclone: Damage per pet increased 40%
  • Whirlwind: Damage per pet increased 10%
  • Focus: Duration increased 2 rounds
  • Surge of Light: Base damage increased 25%
  • Perfumed Arrow: Damage increased 10%
  • Aged Yolk/Eggnog/Sear Magic: Cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Lock-On: Damage reduced 10%
  • Wind-Up: Damage increased 12.5%
  • Rabid Strike: Damage increased 30%
  • Bonestorm: Cooldown reduced 1 round

  • Keep the reports and feedback coming!
    The Pet Bombling's mine field doesn't go off if the Bombling dies. No where does it say that it should.
    It sure stays up for the entirety of the fight even after he's dead but it never goes off even when the opponent switches mid-battle. It SHOULD go off.

    Focus Chi really needs another round cooldown for the Monk. As it is now, It's Focus Chi...Jab...and you're pretty much dead if not really really dead. Then it's just rinse and repeat with your others. To beat him you have to be lucky with a stun or two. I'm not looking to gut him, just either add a round cooldown or have the bonus damage smaller. It's too nuk-ey.
    Bug Report --- Bought Pet Battle Passive on Horde Side ... Then Log on Alliance Side Worgen to Buy his Special Pet.. Trainer wont Let me Learn Raven Says I dont have Battle Pet Passive I open up General Tab on Worgen it Say to See Trainer But not available but I still able to do bet Battle on Alliance Side so i know i have it

    Stranglethorn is not being counted in the World Pet Mauler Achievement.
    With the nerf of the Gnome's turret, you've made Major Payne all but impossible. Previously, it was a close fight (which I always lost, and I'm leveling up another type of pet to try and counter him) but now he easily obliterates me.

    The nerfing might have gone too far. Maybe up the damage across the board for the gnomes other abilities? Relook at the NPCs' capabilities in light of the nerfs across the player's pets?
    how do i lvl my panda pet battles if he doesnt have the trainer yet?
    Yes, the issue of not having the pet battle training actually in effect in the spellbook, and thus having the pet battle trainers/tamers recognize you as knowing is incredibly frustrating. PLEASE look into and resolve this bug. =D

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