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Pet Battles
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10/02/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Quinnmalory
I was fighting a pet called Ram in Arathi Highlands but wasn't able to catch it. Are some pets that you battle just not able to be caught?

Yes. I have seen Ram and also Mule Deer so far which are just not capturable (both joined the battle as opposed to me finding them out in the wild and challenging them). The devs should adjust the size of Ram though since it looks to be the size of a mob out in the wild rather than something you would find in a pet battle.
Commenting on two problems...:

1) The Lift-Off ability of pets like Hyacinth Macaw and Blighthawk sometimes (15%?) performs a different ability when selected that looks more like an updated version of "Slicing Wind" than a two-round ability like Lift-Off.

2) The Cyclone ability of pets like Tiny Twister and Sea Gull frequently bugs out and gets stuck on the active pet being attacked. It takes a few minutes before it clears and the battle can continue- even if you try to forfeit.

... and adding a few minor issues:

1) The Black Rats in Felstone field in Western Plaguelands disappear when you approach them (almost as if you enter a new phase when the minimap title changes from Western Plaguelands to Felstone Field).

2) The Blighthawks in Andorhal in Western Plaguelands were at first appearing on the map but not able to be seen; now, they appear to be floating in the air in a seated position.

3) Numerous Little Black Rams in Loch Modan are placed in such a way on mountaintops that they are just not able to be engaged in battle due to terrian issues.
I have all both right-hand action bars up, and many times when I get out of a pet battle I have to reset my UI because my bags, map, and quests are all positioned further to the right - where they would be if I didn't have the right-hand action bars. Highly annoying.

Also, not sure if it's a bug or not, but if the active enemy pet dies during the round at the end of which Lil' Deathwing's Elementium Bolt would land, it just vanishes.

EDIT It seems like if Lil' Deathwing dies after Elementium Bolt was cast, it does the stun but no damage. Oh, and my mount journal seems to think I haven't hit level 20 yet unless I reload my UI - it shows no mounts and tells me riding is available at 20. Mounts I've dragged to an action bar still work just fine, as does swift flight form. Makes for hilarious screenshots.
When an attack deals a percentage of the damage dealt, it does not fully account for crits or hits that add any extra damage. Arcane Explosion hits for 190, but the backline gets hit for only 64 and 63 (the target is weak to the attack so the note says 195 damage). It only hits for the base damage number in the note before weakness. This wouldn't be so bad, but the fact that we never know if an attack will hit for higher or lower than that listed value make choosing an attack a crap-shoot half the time.
@Crithto please help! Ive not been able to find anything about the MAJOR problem of not getting or BEING able to complete the Taming Kalimdor acheive. Trainers are there, and will talk to us, but not battle us. Opposite goes for Horde toons in Taming Eastern Kingdoms.

No, i dont have a high enough level horde to just "hop on there and do it" as some have suggested. A LOT of us dont. Were an RP server, and we RP as ALLIANCE, so this is VERY frustrating :( Weve also had reports from others that this does not even work.

HOW is this fixable???? PLEASE help! We all want to be able to get our acheivements, and this is frustrating everyone to the point that several of my guildmates just finally GAVEUP because they got NO response from blizz, even after 3 days.

My ticket was in for almost 3 days before i abandoned it as well :( We CANT get the quests without finishing the Acheivements, and we cant finish the acheivements because they made it IMPOSSIBLE for us to do so.

ANY ANY ANY Help would be outstanding! Pet Battles is the only thing that kept a lot of us old timers even playing , (you can see we havent leveled up LOL) and if its not going to work right, then we dont really have any reason left to play. I need to keep my guildmembers engaged, and all these acheivement flaws are driving everyone around the bend :(

Sorry for the rant, just frustrated. Any help you can provide would be great! Thanks!!!
Cyclone is still bugging out. I'd say about 50% of the time I'm missing my next turn because the game lags out, and it passes me automatically.

It's costing me fights to the point I'm starting to consider replacing my Tiny Twister until this is fixed.
Is there a solution in the works for those of us that still do NOT show Pet Battle Training actually trained in our spell-books, though we can do almost everything except buy from and battle tamers?

Please update on this issue! I'm so frustrated! =D
That's great to hear!

Some other bugs that are still pretty bad:

1) CRZ/Phasing issues is still making some pets much harder to obtain
2) Expload corpse dot falls off if your opponent changes pets
3) Many two turn abilities have high miss chances that are not noted (such as Meteor Strike, Lift-Off, Deep Breath, and others).
A few bugs I've noticed (or tooltip should be more detailed):

1) Acid Spit (as the level 10 Spider ability) can go through any defense (burrow, soar, cocoon, ect)- not sure about evade type defense such as Dodge. Confirmed this problem just last night.
2) Clockwork Gnome Turret can also shoot through any defense (burrow, soar, cocoon, ect)- not sure about Dodge. Though it's been a few updates since I noticed this.
3) A player's undead in PvE pet battle finishing off the enemy with it's last (undeath) action and still losing the match (both other player pets dead). There was a creature trapped when I witnessed this.
Still getting the "Cannot buy special pet" bug. My Trollbane worgen can battle just fine and can use the rest of my account-wide pets, but he can't buy the Gilnean Raven eventhough he has the money.

ETA: I was, however, able to buy the jade chick pet with my Lothar panda.
An addition to my earlier post: i don't see any of the special pets people have mentioned here. I don't see them available at all.
10/03/2012 04:10 PMPosted by Yumego
An addition to my earlier post: i don't see any of the special pets people have mentioned here. I don't see them available at all.

They're only purchasable by certain character races. Only a Panda can see and purchase the jade chick or a Worgen can buy the raven or a Goblin purchase a shore crawler (but then any character on the account can use them afterwards)
I had a Sifang Otter who had a higher speed than his opponent, a Jungle Grub. Round 1 I used Gnaw, it hit, then the Grub used Burrow. Round 2 I used Dive (which should have made him unattackable) but he was attacked at the end of the round and took damage.
10/03/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Bonn
They're only purchasable by certain character races. Only a Panda can see and purchase the jade chick or a Worgen can buy the raven or a Goblin purchase a shore crawler (but then any character on the account can use them afterwards)

Thanks for that info. I have a level 11 Panda in Orgrimmar. Varzok won't teach her battle pet training, nor does he have any pets for sale. She is able to battle and capture pets, but the spell is not activated in her spellbook. The fact that i'm unable to battle trainers or get quests on other characters on the account, and that others have similar problems. leads me to believe there is some kind of bug at work here, unfortunately.
Yeah, it's definitely frustrating. My Lothar panda and goblin were able to buy their special pets just fine, but it's no-go for my Trollbane worgen.
My Spider just used Poison Spit against a Sifang Otter who had used [Dive] the previous round, but was able to hit it.
All pets I've fought against seems fair except the Pandaran Monk. It is way too OP at the moment. I have no chance against this pet even when I am at a higher level. This Pandaren Monk took away the fun of this game, please take a look into it.
Last night when I was playing, I was not able to battle the Pet Tamer (Eric Davidson, I believe, in Duskwood). I flew up and talked to him and he didn't have anything to say besides his flavor text. After logging out and logging back on, though, I was able to battle him as expected.
1) Another problem, I'm still frequently missing turns when I attempt to cast "Bash" with Infested Bear Cub.

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