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Pet Battles
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10/06/2012 08:42 AMPosted by Brewsleet
Eastern kingdom Safari still not working. Cockatiel and Crimson Moth.

I'm not sure if any of the fixes did anything? I know that I still don't have any dailies showing up for Eastern Kingdom.
Still can't buy a raven on my Worgen. Took him to SW and it was still no dice.
So I've won against all the master(and grand master) pet tamers, and yet it only shows 43 out of 45 on the "Taming the World" achievement counter. Also whenever I'm logged in to a horde toon, it shows "Taming Kalimdor" as complete and "Taming Eastern Kingdoms" as incomplete although all the names are green. It's reversed when I'm on an alliance toon, which is odd. I have the "Taming Azeroth" achievement and the title completed though so technically they both count? Not sure what's going on there. My main concern is the master pet tamers, since that's the last thing I need for 400 points and the jade tentacle. :/
It's not just pandas, my worgen is having the same problem.
Has anyone noticed ANYTHING being fixed? Still seems the same to me.

Also, i cannot find a wharf rat anywhere it's supposedly supposed to be (Tol Barad/Booty Bay). Not by themselves and not as a secondary. I've spent many hours levelling pets through STV and nothing.
I tried doing my dailies today in eastern kingdom and they still have not reset. Any chance of this being fixed soon.
10/06/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Turaraberd
I tried doing my dailies today in eastern kingdom and they still have not reset. Any chance of this being fixed soon.

Same. Lydia is offering me nothing.

Same with Trixxy. Nada.
So when I logged out last night I only needed Deadwind Pass for the achievement Eastern Kingdoms Tamer. I log in this afternoon and it is telling me I need every zone. Not to mention my safari achievements have been completely reset as well. Whats the deal with this? I really do not want to start this over again.
Several pets for Pandari Safari arent being checked off despite being caught: Feverbite Hatchling, Garden Moth, Shrine Fly.
Edit - Despite these not getting checked off, when I caught the final pet I did receive the achi.
Is Minfernal's spawn rate going to be fixed? Cross realms makes it even worst, same with other rare pets.
I saw no change in pet achievements. All of mine that were broken are still broken. Still can't get Eastern Kingdoms Tamer for the same reasons. Still can't get the Kalimador Battling achievement because the horde trainers are still listed on the alliance achievement.
all these pets not counting towards the safari achieves are really killing my mojo. needs to be fixed immediately.

List so far:
Silkbeard Snail
Feverbite Hatchling
Garden Moth
Emperor Crab
Devouring Maggot

Update: These pets arent counted until you have all the pets in Pandaria. You will still get the achieve.

Can confirm that these pets aren't 'highlighting' in the achievement window when you capture them.
10/02/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Crithto
Inputs randomly skipping should finally be resolved as of today’s restarts

This still isn't fixed. I just lost 5 turns in a row.
There are quite a few issues with the achievements! My current issue is that they are not displaying progress or announcing completion unless I log out, switch characters, and log back in.

This happened with:
1. Taming the Eastern Kingdoms. No progress shown as I defeated battle masters on my Alliance char. Logging out and switching chars updated it. It is not char specific. Display issue?
2. Littlest Pet Shop - Was displaying 0 of 150 caught as my progress. Even when I hit 150 it did not update and did not announce completion. Switching chars and checking it...I had completed it and had the Celestial Dragon. It SHOULD have completed at the time I captured enough unique pets though on my main.
3. That was Close - did not complete and announce at the time I did it. Had to switch to an alt to see it was done.
4. Big City Pet Brawlin' Alliance - I did these on my mage and it did not display credit for each city as I did them...I had to zone to a new city. It also never announced completion when I finished. Had to re-log to see that it was done.
5. Various others do the same thing...progress just does not update until I switch characters or re-log.

This even happened with my 25 tabards achievement...I am at 24 of 25 unique tabards and bought the Tushi Pandaran one. When I equipped it that should have completed the achievement...but no. Nothing. Logging did not fix this one.
I submitted a ticket about the UI being enlarged after a pet battle, requiring a /reloadui to fix. Basically when you finish a pet battle, the bags in the bottom right of the screen are enlarged and when you open them, they are behind the right toolbars. I do NOT have any addons pertaining to bags or toolbars so I fairly certain it is a Blizzard UI issue.
Posted by Crithto
Inputs randomly skipping should finally be resolved as of today’s restarts

This still isn't fixed. I just lost 5 turns in a row.

Yeah I had a battle with 4 turns pass without any chance to take action. Sometimes it is confusing when turns pass. Maybe we need a big turn counter somewhere in the UI.

Also, I got the achievement for the strong trap on the first day of MOP, but I still don't have a strong trap. At least, the UI doesn't show that I have it. It still shows the old graphic and tooltip.
I don't know if this is meant to be fixed, but for Eastern Kingdom Safari, they are not counting some of the pets that i have caught such as the Crimson Moth. I have proof that I have it because it is in my journal. Other pets such as the golden, red, and silver dragonhawk hatchling and the cockatiel are not being counted either even though I had two in my journal at one time, and re-learned them after the achievements were out.

Please look in to.
No daily for me today either so I would say it was not fixed.
So are certain pet spawns getting fixed - for example: Minfernal? Can we have more rain, sandstorm, and snow. It seems like the weather is never there.
There is still a bug regarding missed inputs present in the game. Let's say that I kill an opposing pet in Round 4. In Round 5, I select to switch in a pet, and my opponent uses their turn to move a new pet into the pattle to replace their dead one. Every single time, I wind up losing my turn as my input to switch the pet is ignored (wild and pvp). Then in Round 6, I have to use my turn to switch in a new pet while my opponent gets a free round to attack.

Other bugs I have noticed since my last post involve pet spawn locations and pet phasing. In Nagrand, there are numerous Clefthood Runts who appear on the mini-map but not in-game as they appear to be located underneath trees. In Twilight Highlands, the pets phase out in almost every little area you enter such as Firebeard's Patrol or Victor's Point. You see them on the mini-map and map as you apparoach, but once the mini-map title changes to the sub-area the pets phase out and are not able to be engaged. I reported this same problem with the pets in Felstone Field in Western Plaguelands earlier in this thread.

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