The Gypsies of Azeroth ((Semi-open))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
One couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the weaving movements of the women dancing, and the steady, energetic rhythm of the men’s instruments. They were of various races, though all had slightly darker skin from having spent too much time in the sun. A small group had gathered around the rather oddly-dressed performers. The women were dressed in bright colors of expensive cloth, and many bells and small metal rings. It made an array of noise as they danced and wove between each other.

The clamor of Guards made the performers freeze, and they quickly packed up and were gone in moments as the Guard came through. The only trace of them left was the confused crowd. One of the Guard stopped, leading his charger over to the crowd. “What’s going on here?” he shouted. Without an answer, the crowd scattered. He looked around, confused, then went to join the ranks. “What was that about?” the captain asked as they patrolled.
“The crowd seemed suspicious…” the guard replied.
“And, I’ve heard rumors of the Gypsies here,”
“Hm… Interesting.”
“Right, we’ll report to the captain of the Guard when we get back. Mark our location.

A thin, childish Human girl grinned. She brought her fingers to her mouth and let out a whooping whistle, similar to that of the birds of Elwynn. Another answered, and she giggled, coming from her hiding spot. The Gypsies soon emerged again, laughing and beginning their performance again.

((Soo, this is a fairly new idea I think. This is a semi-open RP, meaning once all the rolls I need are filled, it will become closed. These Gypsies are a group of about 10-12 (Including my characters, the little girl and a character to be mentioned later) that travel around the world preforming for their money and way of life. They are banned from most cities, and are constantly on the run from guards.

These are the roles I need:

Gypsies (Limit: 10)

Guards (Limit: 14 left)
Destris Lightmoon

Onlookers (As many as wanted)

Sign-ups: (simply for reference, you don't need an OK from me)




Short description:


Personality (general):

Short history:

Anything else you want to share that doesn't fit into the above categories:
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Name: Destris Lightmoon

Occupation: Guard

Race: Night Elf

Short description: Tall, purple-skinned, and muscular, though not a mountain of bulk like orcs or tauren, Destris is pretty imposing even without his armor. His partially grayed dark blue hair is tied up in a ponytail, so as to keep it out of his face, and his expression is awlays a stern one, only cracking a smile at either something truly hilarious or a victory of large proportions. He has a scar on his cheek from when he was almost decapitated by a rather pissed-off ogre. Add armor, and this is a guy you do NOT want to mess with.

Armor: Destris wears simple alabaster plate armor, minus the helm, because he wants people to know who's murdering them and that he's not afraid. He has two boot knives for emergencies, and wears a massive titanium greatsword with a dragon-themed hilt from the time he served in Northrend.

Personality: Cold calculating, and utterly racist, he will backhand anyone who so much makes a comment about night elves that isn't benevolent, and since he usually has armor on, it usually results in broken cheekbones, and has earned him numerous probationary periods. He does, in fact, have a sense of humor, though he doesn't express it around humans or any other non-elfs unless it's a gutbuster.

He has an uncanny fascination with death, so much so that he often stays after battles are over, simply looking at the corpses and pondering... whatever it is that interests him so darn much.

Short history: Born to an upper-middle-class family, Destris lived a normal life as one of the non-plentiful male Night Elven guards until the Third War began, and he met those... things, those ugly, pale-skinned, overly muscular things that called themselves "humans". He was appalled that they could cause so much destruction and amazed that anything could be stupid enough to allow the Legion to return to Azeroth. When he met their allies, he wasn't impressed with them either, and discovered that he hated all other races, and while most considered him a prick, he'd made his decision.

He was extremely annoyed with the Night Elves as well for quite some time when they decided to join the humans and their "Alliance". He eventually got over it, but not for long, because then those Draenei came to Azeroth in their big-!@# ship. The Night Elves accepted them too, and let them join that stupid, stupid Alliance. He barely got over that before the worgen came in, yet another race to piss him off. And now these pandaren...

He has little tolerance for even his own people now, and zero tolerance for anything else... and likes it that way.
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Quick question... am I weird, creative, or simply indecisive to make a completely new character for every closed thread?
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Quick question... am I weird, creative, or simply indecisive to make a completely new character for every closed thread?

The fact that you're weird is completely unrelated to the "evidence" you give.


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I have a question blood

Can you give us a sign up sheet so we know what to write about our characters
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I have a question blood

Can you give us a sign up sheet so we know what to write about our characters

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So quick question: Is this faction specific or do you care?
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So quick question: Is this faction specific or do you care?

Gypsies are all races, guards are both factions. But, like, be reasonable, don't have an Orc as a Stormwind guard.

Also, you guys don't need to be accepted to post in the IC. It's just to keep the limited number and for reference.
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have an Orc as a Stormwind guard.

I met a guy like that once... /facedesk, /ignore
Name: Lorson Halebane
Occupation: Warlock an Gypsie( I knwo there are male gypsies in the real world, not the dancing ones, but are there male gypsies in this, because I'm male)
Race: Worgen
Age: 17
Short description: Worgen Form: Lorson is six foot eight, grey fur, a black mane, red eyes, and two small ponytails under his head in his mane. He has a tattoo of a demonic rune on his shoulder which is hidden by his clothing and fur most of the time. There ia a history behind the tattoo. Human Form: Lorson has pale white skin, due to having spent most of his childhood in his house studying the arcane arts and even when he did go outside he was in Gilneas, so...I think that's all that needs to be said on his paleness. He stands at five foot nine, a head of long brown hair that hangs off the sides of his head in the front but is tied up in a ponytail in the back and light green eyes. In this form his tattoo is more prominent if not hidden by clothing.
He's mostly in human form.
Armor: Lorson wears a black robe with green glowing symbols etched into the fringes, black gloves each with a purple symbol etched onto the back, and simple brown leggings with plain brown cloth boots. He wears three rings on his right hand that are made of differently colored metals(silver, copper, emarald). What they are for or if they enhance his powers or not he wont say. He wields a staff made of strong blackthorm wood and it has what appears to be a skull on top with red-brown leaves constantly falling from it(The staff you get in the later part of the worgen starting zone).
Personality:He is mostly distant but opens up slightly once you get to know him. He cracks a rare smile evry now and then but is mostly putting nose in a book or testing out a new spell(fyi, if you see him trying to test out a new spell, step back. It can get messy sometimes). He has an array of demons that he can summon but always seems to have an imp named Jakgup with him, most of the time sitting on the young warlocks head and-or shoulder. The small demons peronality is a complete opposite to the warlocks. Where Losron is mostly quite Jakgup is loud and very outgoing. Plus the short guy flirts with every girl he see's which lands the duo into some bad situations at times.
Short history: Lorson lived in Gilneas most of his life wanting to be a mage but when he turned seven his uncle, a powerful warlock, gave him a tome but was warned to only read it when his uncle was with him. Being the curious child he decided to read it as soon as he was alone. The book was full of spells that were usually forbidden to mages but on seemed to catch his eye. He immediatley tried to cast it but instead of doing the desired results it backfired and ended up branding the child with a demonic rune on his shoulder. It now prevents him from ever using any magic besides demonic or unholy lest he he be filled with horrible pain and also causes holy healong magic to harm him instead of heal him. Now, after the fall of Gilneas and the Cataclysm he has decided to travel around the world, not caring for the war between the alliance and the horde, but looking for new knowlegde and perhaps one day the means to remove the rune, not to give up being a warlock as he would hate to give up his new found demon companion, as annoying he can be, but to get rid of it and know that he is no longer bound by its power.
Name: Velvet "Veve"

Occupation: Gypsy child

Race: Human

Short description: A short girl, even for a 12-year-old, short and skinny. She couldn't weigh more than 75-80 pounds. She has dark-blonde hair, though she keeps it under a veil of varying colors. She is tan, though not overly so.

Armor: She wears no armor, only clothes she is able to collect. So far, she has her veil, which shines with all sorts of colors depending on the light, a bright blue cloth top with netted, loose sleeves, and a pair of black-blue cloth pants which she keeps bound at her knees. She is always barefoot. She seems to have picked up a small knife, which she keeps at her side.

Personality (general): An energetic girl with a spark to her. She has aggressive tendencies, and loves a good fight. It seems to be the only thing that really gets her energy out. She is inquisitive, and it often gets her in trouble.

Short history: Not much is truly known about Veve. She has become known as the "Child of the Gypsies" to all of them, as no one knows her parents. She was cared for by all, and they became responsible for her.

Anything else you want to share that doesn't fit into the above categories: Veve has become the "lookout" of sorts for the Gypsies. She developed the system of whistles and various sounds they use for communication over long distances.

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