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Cutiemark Crusaders is a new social guild on Stormrage that is focused on becoming an awesome community full of open-minded, kind, and fun people! (And bronies too, of course!) We are slowly gaining members and beginning to level up, and we need more dedicated people to really get going!

Our long term goals include hitting the guild level cap, achieving 100 members, and doing casual raids at least once a week. These raids will range from Vanilla Raids all the way up to MoP raids when we have the players to do it. Anyone in the guild is welcome to recruit new players and even build up their own raid team within the guild.

If you are the sort of person who loves to meet new people and form a close community, this is the guild for you.

Anyone online can invite you to join the guild, so simply do a /who on the guild name and send a whisper! I hope to hear from some people soon! <3

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