Dailies enough is enough.

Sorry I hit level 90 to stop questing not to be forced to do it everyday at max level on multiple characters. I think the only time I ever forced myself to do dailies for rep was when you decided to make a 365ilvl Trinket (Moonwell Chalice) the most OP thing in the world for raiding as a Demo Lock.

Bring back the Rep Tabards and let me grind dungeons aka something I'm already doing for gear. I did this for every rep on Cata cause being forced to go to 3 different Zones and keep up with Dailies every single day is really retarded.

I hit 90 to stop questing not to do more of it.
You're not forced to do anything. You want the gear, then work for it. Geez....

Personally, I'm happy that epics/rep aren't raining from the skies.
Only takes me like 2-3 hours tops to complete the dailies I need. Faster if you group

Not like that blizzard is trying to curb welfare epics. At least work for it
I like doing dailys, but I hope you realize that "2-3 hours" worth of dailys sounds extreme, even to a no-life having basement dweller like myself.

Edit: 2-3 hours by itself isn't a long session, but consider how most people have multiple alts they would like to gear. Even one alt converts that 2-3 hours of dailys into 4-6 hours.
Yeah, I strongly agree with the OP. Dailies have been a horrible time-waster ever since they were introduced in BC, and now you're expected to do them every day for weeks/months on end? Ditto with reputation grinds - the faction tabards were introduced in WOTLK for a reason.

The main problem with daily quests is that
- they are mind-numbingly repetitive (yeah, even if there is some random factor in them, or if you're doing them on a pvp server)
- they are trivially easy and offer no challenge (once people get out of levelling greens anyway)
- they take way too long to do. Seriously, 2-3h a day for ONE character? My daily playtime is half that, and I want to do things that are actually FUN in that time. Dungeons, LFR, PVP - all good. Not to mention I typically play 3 characters at max level for variance.

In the end, rep-grinding / dailies gets you... some gear that is inferior to what you can get from heroics, LFR, and pvp. I haven't done the math on what it takes to max multiple factions for the epic VP stuff, but I assume it's depressing.

I like this expansion a lot (the questing was surprisingly fun for a change), but come on.

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