Syaxx, lvl 90 warrior

You're 4 levels higher than me, ganking me when I'm trying to quest, and you STILL have to wait for your pally and priest friends before attacking me? You really do suck at this.
That sick bastard.
I don't remember all the kids I gank, but yeah this is a PvP server so get over it nerd
No way a level 86 got ganked while we did dailies ya he was soooo skeered, whatever will we do, oh ya anyone wanna world pvp? wait that wasnt me syaxx you sob how dare you gank a lowbie without me!!!!!!!! I apologize for the actions of my fellow guildie this will be dealt with immediately.
Pro Tip: Rage = Crosshairs
no, no we must leave the lowbies alone on a pvp server...
PVP happened on a pvp server..

Yell: FELFLAME - I'll be back soon my !@#$%^ for our weekly onyxia lol

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