Pet Battles
Okay, so as I've played Battle Pets more and more, I develop more questions.

My first one was answered awhile ago, which was about 'companion pets vs battle pets'... Well, now, I have 2 more.

I read that I am only allowed 3 of a unique pet... well, with the old journal.. didn't you learn something and it was done? You learned that pet and you get one.. Otherwise it shows up as 'Already Known"... What does it mean 3 unique pets..

Also, I read that I'm allowed 500 pets total... Well, there are only 439 in the game.. So how can one go over?

Please shed some light on my questions.
Some pets you can only have one of such as blizzard store pets but the rest you an have 3 of each, that means you can have 3 emerald whelplings in your pet journal, 3 undercity cockroaches etc.... all with different levels if you level up one but not the others. So if you had 3 of most of the pets you could actually get over 1000 pets, but they have the 500 limit. Understand?

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