Disappointed in the gear style...

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I am not impressed with my limited experience into gear appearance in this xpac. I feel that the hunter gear which is the only class I have played on is a little too flamboyant and not my style. With that said how are the other classes with their gear appearance so far?

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Yeah I'm looking at the stuff right now. Not keen on it at all.
The quest reward stuff I've gotten on my 'locks is a bit less "Commander of demonic minions" and a little more "Generic stereotypical Chinese peasant" for my liking. That being said, it's new, and It's a nice change.
In my Point of View, warriors look like samurais now with the higher item level gear. But that's just me. What I'm bugged about is the hit cap going up again and being rage starved.
This expansion has been providing a few alternatives to my violet tuskan raider/magna guard outfit.

The contender pants, belt and the quest cloak from Jade Forest really help the look. I'm working on the new goggles.

For some unexplainable reason i feel the urge to go and buy bobcat's transmog equipment. And only BOB's equipment. How peculiar...
Hunter quest and dungeon gear looks awesome.
One of my favorite things about being a gnome is that I look cute no matter what I'm wearing.
Cheese grater shoulders.

Also once I get a plate Straw Hat I can be an anime samurai.
I believe I won't be changing my set this expansion.
My hunter has stuck with the Ironhide set, Wolfslayers Sniper Rifle and the ever popular...the Peg Bundy Do.

I was actually impressed with the gear style. Hell, almost considered replacing my classic transmog with the crafted Contender set.
I have my first clown suit ;(.

But, that sort of thing happens early on.

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