MoP Holy Pally question

Hey all, I am an older wow player looking to make a come back for MoP. I am leaning towards dusting off my holy pally and just wanted to check with current players to make sure they aren't like extremely bad ATM or anything. I'm not asking for the OP wrath days, just want to make sure I can compete in a raid.

Also, how how the play style? Last time I played a holy pally was in wrath so it was super basic then. Do we do more raid healing these days? Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks.
Wrath Holy Paladin, if memory serves (this toon was a Cata reroll), was basically HLxinfinity. Yawn.

Nowadays we're not super complicated in the grand scheme of things, but there is definitely enough nuance, resource management, and general difficulty to keep it very entertaining. I can't really comment on how we hold up on raids at 90 since the raids don't open for a few days, but based on my own experience (and the general comments I've seen/heard) I don't think we'll have much issue competing.

We are still stellar tank healers and tank support, but our AoE healing is quite strong as well (although a fair bit of it is limited to people being clumped within a 10 yard range - making us less viable in spread out fights). I wouldn't worry about being pigeonholed as "zomg ur a pally ur heeling da tankz" the way people used to.
I don't play holy, and never have, but I can tell you that holy paladins are perfectly viable for all content.
I have heard they are currently the best healer, but that could have changed. Either way, they're still at least viable. I've noticed some more mana issues than cata, but that just means we have to be more careful.
I'm noticing some mana issues too. Of course, I just dinged 90 last night and jumped straight into Coren Direbrew, which might have been part of the problem.
I played holy in cata and i liked it a lot more. Im not sure if its the playstlye of the way we go oom so fast but to me it doesn't feel like we are that strong right now anyone agree?

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