LF Guild for players with kids at home....

Earthen Ring
Hey all, I was just wondering if there were any guilds out there that have members who have young kids at home and love to play PVE both quests and dungeons and raids. I am looking for a guild primarily of these players because I enjoy dungeon running and have raided a little and loved it! I have young ones at home and also a 13 year old son who has just started playing himself. I am looking for a good place to call home for myself and possibly my son as well.

Another aspect of my ideal guild is one that has active members online between 8pm and 1am EST mostly. Also I would love to find a guild that is not overly large (one where you dont know who is on because there ar just so many of you).

Anyway, hopefully someone has some info on a guild like this or maybe would even be interested in starting one of our own!!

Just let me know,


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