Staff and energy regen.

Does the 40% haste from staves also increase energy regeneration? It says in the combat log that haste stat increases energy regen... But I wasn't sure if this did.

To expand on that answer: there's haste, and there's attack speed. The former affects energy regen, the latter does not. Unfortunately, there's essentially zero consistency on using the correct term for effects in game (for example, the melee/ranged haste buff actually provides attack speed, not haste). The buff from using a 2-hand weapon is attack speed, not haste.
Even more confusing, in your character sheet, because of the 40% attack speed buff for having a 2hander, your base Haste is listed as 40%. This is incorrect as far as regen/gcd/casting times go; only the amount over 40% is actual "Haste", as that base 40 is just attack speed.

I discovered this at low levels when I saw that my total Haste was like 58% or something equally insane, and wondered why my energy regen was normal, and then I realized most of that was only attack speed.

Edit: Added clarification.
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