How can they leveling so fast

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In the 25th of Sep. which is the release day of MOP,I saw a lot Monks were in lv 70s . Some were even in lv 80s.How could they level to lv70s in just few hours?I played for almost 2 months and I am only lv 81. Is there any quick ways to level up very fast?
Recruit a Friend Bonus lvls, If you do recruit a friend you lvl together with a 300% xp buff to 80(?), and for every 2 levels you gain you can gift 1 level to a character on the Recruiters account, So they raced to 10 chose a faction and gifted 60/70 lvls.
The rest of us have to do it the hard way.
they can does hax them dids i knows it i does
......race change .... ?
I somehow feel that lvling 1-70 has been made easier. Lvling during Classic was such a grind.
RaF grant, a few select friends on my realm leveled 4 toons to 80 then was able to grant their newly created monk at the very minute of MoP launch straight to 81 (they leveled just a bit towards 2) and then just grind their way through Cata content and be about 1-2 days behind all the new 90s.
monk is not a race
10/03/2012 12:00 AMPosted by Alëktra
......race change .... ?

You would still need the level 70-80 monk as a different race.... Genius.
so you are saying "race change" doesn't mean "different race" ....ok ummm... could you explain what you are trying to say cause you makey no since :)
He said the class "Monk" is not a race to which he is correct.

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