Deathwing, demon lords, and portals

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It takes a very strong portal to summon a demon lord such as Sargeras, Archominde, or Kil'jaeden to Azeroth, as evidenced by Azshara's efforts at the Well of Eternity, Kel'thuzad's efforts at Dalaran, and Kael'thas' efforts at the Sunwell. Obviously each of those portals was meant to be larger or more powerful than the Dark Portal opened by Medivh, or those demons could have just used the Dark Portal.

Deathwing, however, did use the Dark Portal, twice, to get from Azeroth to Draenor and back.

Was Deathwing able to use the Dark Portal by virtue of not being as "big" as Archimonde or Kil'jaeden, or was it because he wasn't a demon?
This is theory, but..

It's got to do with Fel taint. Fel is linked with the Twisting Nether intrinsically. To much of it, and without a decent font of Arcane to anchor something in Azeroth, it gets sucked back to the nether.

Actually, and I'll have to browse the Encylopedia to find the quote, but it was actually mentioned that during the third war Archimonde was using the Well beneath Nordrassil to remain anchored on Azeroth (despite the fact that the World Tree was supposed to make that impossible)

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