Extremely Frustrated

I started healing at the end of Wrath. Healed all through Cata. From start to finish. Healed Raids, 5-mans, LFR's and always enjoyed myself.

Recently I reached level 90 and began my journy once again towards gearing up myself to Raid once they become available.

And thats about the time I stopped having fun and began tearing all my hair out and nearly breaking down at the sheer fustration of it all. Healing right now is so uncomfortable and clunky for me. It bothers me my dispells have been split up (defensive and offensive now....), given rediculous Cooldowns, and had their mana cost's bumped up. Intellect went from being the most important stat once you had a comfortable amount of spirit with a mixture of Mastery/Haste/Crit to being the least important. Right now, playing as conservatively as I can, poping all of my mana regenning spells ill be ooming midway through several trash encounters and most boss fights. I used to pridde myself on how when I healed, people stayed alive. I kept everyone up and alive. Now im losing 2-3 people a run. I feel horrible about it. I dont feel any flexibility in my Talent tree. And several of those flavor spells like Mana burn and Mind control and Holy Nova are now gone or Talent/Glyph only but whose going to waste a talent/glyph spot, when theres more much needed things to grab?

Sure, the start of every expansion Healing is terrible. Its always the last to come around, but I dont recall being this fustrated during the start of Cata.

Edit: Also is it just more or does anyone else notice when they try to cast PW:S on a Target who already has it your UI kind of bugs out?
I'm also having mana problems and I'm very frustrated. It's hard to find good gear with spirit on it. Many of the quest will even offer multiple gear with rewards but none of them have spirit. I've had several quest with gear rewards that have the same stats but no spirit. Why would it be that way? I would like to know if it's just me getting bad groups or if this is something all priest are gong through.
BTW, I'm using mostly greater heal and renew plus mending. I just can't keep up with damage and run oom quick. Is there something I'm doing wrong? If so, how do I fix it?
Please see this post http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6712951516

While it is not an all-inclusive list it does include many gear items to help you. I also see you are a tailor and have only one pvp set piece, I suggest farming for the motes of harmony to fill in your non spirit spots.

What I can tell you is that there are almost always mana issues for priests at the start of every xpac, unlike you (who started during WoTLK), I have been playing a healer (and a priest) since vanilla so you can believe I feel your pain.

The first thing you can do is: inform your tank (in a whisper and politely) that you will need to drink after every pull. Most tanks would rather wait 5-15 seconds than die.

It also helps to plan your life saving cooldowns as part of your rotation, rather than just the "oh, crap" moments.

Next, dispell players instantly. In these heroics, the timing is almost exactly favorable to a healer who dispells fast.

Don't be afraid to tell melee where to stand, too many players are standing in crap to not lose dps, they can move 3 steps and live. Stupid dps deserves to die and you should NOT feel bad for letting them do so.

Last (and most important), you are waiting too long to use your mana cooldowns if you oom that early. I see you are glyphed for the mindbender making it a one minute cd. Use it early and by early I mean after your first big heal push on the pull when the tank is settling in. By then, a smart tanks first cd will have rolled and you'll need mana most, as they start taking damage that you didn't expect.

Good luck and hang in there.
I don't get all of the complaints about disc healing. I am not well geared (at the end of cata), and when I am spamming dungeons right now I rarely have any problems. Maybe you guys just don't get the mechanics of disc healing? We don't do raw healing, a lot of it is absorbs/preventing us from having to catch up on healing.

What I do: Keep PoM rolling on tanks, when i see dps dip low I shield them, keep penance on CD, and when that's not happening I'm just HF'ing the mobs and smiting. When the tank needs a big heal I inner focus GH, and when the group needs a heal I inner focus PoH.

I don't get a lot of "oh sh** moments cause I know preventing dmg is the biggest thing being disc.

So yea, good luck and stuff...maybe get more spirit?

Also, I don't even have the mindbender talent cause when I first spec'd this guy, I was "total noob" with the new talents.
@Triskitz, healing at 85 was as easy as pie, including the new instances. The heroics at 90 are the issue, as they usually are until you get settled in to know when to shield just the tank or everyone.
I've specced out of Holy for the first time ever : (, but I am finding Dis pretty straight forward for the dungeons (fortunately).

Can only suggest you make sure you're embracing new mechanics and not trying to continue with old habits that are no longer "good practise". (No more bubble spam :( ).

Although I'm no expert (I'm a Dis noob), I find the following strats are working well for me:

  • Plan your spirit shells. They make life very easy on any run around/grip in/general chaos part of an encounter.
  • Take advantage of your SS window to smite so you're gtg with wings when the shells are down.
  • Void shift the tank if really needed and your PS is on CD. Although it's good to have the desp prayer talent if you want to use that (powerful) CD more safely (imo).
  • On many encounters Psychic Scream and Void Tendrils trivialise adds. The CDs mesh well. (And if the adds are locked down you don't have to heal through the mess they'd otherwise make).

Also, I'd take advantage of Elethia's hard work to help you window shop gear.

It will get easier, it always does.
From running heroics after hitting lvl 90, I haven't had any problems with mana what-so-ever. As far as finding spirit gear, not really hard to do since there is at least 1 in each dungeon (just got to be lucky with it dropping is all).

Been playing around with both Holy and Disc and liking both. No mana issues, and even able to keep up crappy tanks lol...the only time I actually have a problem is on the trash in Shado-Pan Monastary with the trash right after the 2nd boss.

For Holy, I just normally run in the single-target healing chakra and rarely ever switch to the other for aoe in heroics...just keeping up renew on the tank and using Gheal/PoM mostly.

As far as disc, just keep shielding the tank, holy fire/penance/smite all the way throughout the dungeon along with cds during bosses....such fun :)
10/01/2012 07:12 AMPosted by Healun
BTW, I'm using mostly greater heal and renew plus mending. I just can't keep up with damage and run oom quick. Is there something I'm doing wrong? If so, how do I fix it?

This should help you: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412411510

10/01/2012 06:26 AMPosted by Ipsum
Edit: Also is it just more or does anyone else notice when they try to cast PW:S on a Target who already has it your UI kind of bugs out?

I did a bit of digging around to find a solution to this problem for someone who posted on h2p. Check out the following links for some tips on how to avoid this:
Just going from memory, the priest forums saw far more complaint/concern threads at the start of Cata than now. I also had a rougher time then than now, and I intentionally pug the majority of my runs.
If you are having trouble healing, kindly remind your group that you are still in Greens and need them to CC.
Anyone who claims they don't run out of mana is either full of it (bad), or making use of Pots/Flasks/CD's regularly (good). Granted most of the Heroics don't make you oom, some are pretty tight on mana.


1. Make sure your tanks are reforged/gem'd/etc into avoidance stats (Dodge, etc). This only helps if you know the tank.

2. Make sure people use CD's accordingly: Shadow Priest Vampiric Embrace, Shield Wall, etc. Ask tanks to use a CD when you're running low or need to Hymn of Hope.

3. Use a flask (even the old one if you need to), and use food (it's cheap).

4. Ask your group to stop for mana, people will understand.

5. Reforge spirit on gear without spirit. Pick-up trinkets that have spirit proc's (there are a couple). There is even a trinket with pure spirit.

6. Make sure you make use of Mass Dispel (when 2-3+ targets have a debuff on them) in conjunction with Dispel (separate CDs).

Trust me, it'll get better.
For what it's worth all the groups I've been in today have been much easier. I suppose I just had bad groups the first 8 to 10 times. Btw, I'm holy.
/Facepalm, spam "Heal" not flash heal, not greater heal, not binding heal. Spam "Heal" and use prayer of mending/holy word: serenity and you won't oom like you are. I only go oom when my fellow dungeoners are sitting in all the AOEs they can find. Pew Pew flashy colors, stay away from them. Don't oom your priest!
OF course, use flash heal, greater heal, and all the other "holy !@#$ look at all this damage" heals when you need to. They eat your mana but good to use when needed.
10/01/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Elethia
Just going from memory, the priest forums saw far more complaint/concern threads at the start of Cata than now. I also had a rougher time then than now, and I intentionally pug the majority of my runs.

I don't think we can take that as evidence of anything, anymore than Blizzard takes lots of posted complaints as evidence of anything since they don't consider posters a representative sample of the player base. I haven't bothered posting mainly because I find the inevitable "I never dip below 80%" responses tedious and self-serving. But I switched to holy, a spec I still don't enjoy.
The big thing is your group and how they handle the encounter and avoid damage like they should. We are not able to be the hero of the group if it hits the fan like we are used to from the end of the expansions. The only instance i run into any mana problems is Shado-Pan Monastery..Now i am holy for now till i go holy/disc once all my dailies are done and i dont need to quest.
Heal don't cut it in random pugs as holy. Trust me. Greater heal is far better imo. Along with mending and renew. I rarely use flash heal because if someone is taking damage enough that I need to flash heal I'd have to cast it several times which burns mana and gets m behind on healing others. Then you get in a vicious cycle of having to flash heal everyone because you're so far behind they might die before a greater heal hits them. As long as you use greater heal when they are at about 70% it's easier to keep up.

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