Who else feels underpowered in pvp?

I don't normally qq about people being op, and such but really guys. This game where it stands is severely unbalanced... I feel like i can't do nearly as much damage as other players in pvp.. I decided to play a lock for MOP, and i think i made a bad choice at the rate it is going...

I have played all classes at 85 in arena high ratings except lock which i am going to attempt this season, but seriously doubting if its even possible..

I have tried all 3 specs, destro being the most played spec so far, and i feel like we lack damage compared to other classes.. I am constantly being bombarded with snares/slows/stuns/silences, that i can't even cast anything before i die.

I get charged by a warrior and i am at half health in a blink of an eye.. Mages are criting me for 200k + with me 47% pvp resilience... Rogues are perma stun/silencing me to death.. Death knights are just facerolling their keyboards..

What am i doing wrong ? I've done a fair ammount of research, and read up a lot on warlock play style, i am not a bad player i know that.. Is this class really underpowered right now?
You're not alone, i do feel like they wanna nom nom on my bones, whenever an ally sees a warlock i feel like they just go, "LOCK!?! KILL HIM!!!" and no matter what hp regen abilities i use, i die and can't get em below 60% even with the pvp gear, and i'm at 57% resil. maybe i need to get me some pvp power gems or chants, only time will tell on tuesday, and i'm destro and with Kil'Jadaens cunning? they hate that i can run and cast like a fire mage xP
Only thing I can really reccommend is to get better gear then enchant it. I noticed a lot of greens and unenchanted slots.

They may just have better gear than you is all.
I'm curious as to why you would say you have experienced high arena ratings on multiple other characters but your achieves would prove otherwise. Nothing over 2k and only over 1750 in 3's. That's not exactly "high", far from it actually. Considering how you would exaggerate how good you are I would also have to guess your embellishing on how hard the mage was hitting. My suggestion, well you probably wouldn't want to hear it.
Warlock requires brains. Other classes don't. They all get an easy way out. When (if) we do get an easy way out, it requires a sacrifice either in health or some other resource, to be "flavorful".

If you can't adapt to that, then you're probably better off rolling another class.
Get a little more practice and experience under your belt before you start mandating the pros and cons of warlocks in pvp
this xpac blizz actually made it easier to play a warlock. they are still a lot of fun and they will be strong.
You don't sound like a high rated player to me.

Seems like a stereotypical (MASSIVE exaggeration) qq post from someone who has no idea how to play.
Honestly, we got a huge buff. At 20% health if you use every healing cool you have you'll be up in about 2-3 seconds, and any dmg after is only gonna be mildly healed through, on top of that you have other defensives you could use. I'm not sure how level 90 plays out but I can't imagine it be a totally different thing. The play style has changed quite a bit from cata, maybe you're using an outdated play style?
I feel overpowered now. Since I was a desto player in cata when we actually just got s*** on I feel like a small demonic god. Level 90 players try to gank me and I kill them multiple times, yesterday a shaman and today a mage, and that was an 87-90 level difference in the first one.

Warlocks require much more thought and practice before you will be as good as any other class. I could go play my mage and faceroll to more victories, I'm sure, but any warlock here who has liked and played the class for at least the last expansion is pretty used to feeling underpowered by now. For me, I played a warlock because I felt underpowered. Because if you are underpowered and you still win, you overskill. ;)
10/02/2012 01:59 AMPosted by Theyaa
If you can't get damage out as an Affliction lock, you're doing it way, way wrong. Don't use Glyph of Soul Swap, and just Soulburn-Soul Swap dots onto targets. Haunt for burst or use it on a train target, then Malefic Grasp. Dot everything you can to get Nightfall procs. In a casual setting like a BG, I honestly have never had competition from any single player in damage. In arenas, SB-SS on your swap targets and Haunt for burst kills or Malefic Grasp. Honestly, getting damage out now is probably twice as easy as it was in Cata, and even then it was really simple.


People think just because aff isn't bursty it sucks (like the op). Affliction is about applying pressure and controlling the other team. IF you have a clue you will top every BG.

Same applies in arena.
While aff is a pressure spec that also implies a healer and long drawn out scenarios to reap its advantages. Most ganks, world pvp, CRZ shenanigans, and just non rated bgs are very short term centric. In those cases aff is weaker than many specs. In all fairness aff is alot stronger single target than it was all cata...but compared to mages, BM, warriors, they just have a far better toolkit for the non healer supported shortgame.

The dispel change does also hurt aff more than destro since you can stop 90% of pressure every 8 sec and make sure agony never ever hits 10 stacks. Overall I'd say aff is a more rbg/serious 3's spec while destro is more the average player/non rated play spec.

You can still drop someone pretty quick with darksoul'd dots + haunt + MG freecasting. Just don't be shocked when a /dispel stops 90% of your pressure every 8 seconds and keeps agony from ever hitting full power.
10/02/2012 05:08 AMPosted by Çryptobiotiç
u need to stop !@#$%ing like a woman dude, im destro and i melt ppl to the F***ing ground SUPER EASY, last night i did about 10 bg's and did not do any worse than 30-2 each game, so maybe you just fail at wow? download SWTOR?

Love to hear from you again when you ding 86, 87, 88 etc. and your stats take a massive nosedive.

On the subject posted by the OP though, Warlocks are in a far better place than they have been since S8. Locks are just the one class that cannot 'escape' nasty situations and run away. You'll have to tank your way out or learn not to run in kamikaze styles like a mage who has the luxury of a snaring everyone then blinking to safety.
I decided to play a lock for MOP, and i think i made a bad choice at the rate it is going...

Locks are still only viable when tied to heals and peels, too many people bought into the gimmicy heals and cooldowns we received.

Death knights are just facerolling their keyboards..

Always have been, always will be :\
As I play demo lock, I post the following for demo:
Basicly, after changes with patch 5 the methamorphosis dps is so damn low that it's even no point to switch to it anymore.. Okay, only maybe for doom buff, but that's about it. Sure you can get a more armor and stuff, but as stated before - the dps is too damn low that there is no point using it.
And more - talking about mana, I don't know is that problem only for me but when you stand a little and cast some stuff - you run out of mana pretty fast. And when you have molten core buff - boom, you're just out of mana in matter of seconds..

Just my 2 cents.
2 words, Demonic Leap
10/02/2012 09:16 AMPosted by Synfulminded
2 words, Demonic Leap

When it works. Lauching myself up doesnt help.
When this new season came out tonight i F**kin rage quit cus i got focused by warriors, pallies, dk's, any melee class decided i was easy kill and i can't do crap. 91 bg's and not a single win, that's.... awful.

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