Who else feels underpowered in pvp?

I just got 2200 in 3's, 34-6 record.

Demonology warlock, Unholy DK, Restoration druid.

We are not under powered, we are actually very well balanced and have a lot of utility. I really had a lot of fun playing arena today. here are some fun things.

Anywhere with a ledge, just go demon form and knock them back and pop back out.
Unending resolve can also be used to peel since it prevents counter spells.
Curse of enfeeblement reduces warrior / dk damage (melee) by 20%. That's pretty big...
Frankly yes, i feel that we are really underpowered right now but it is not due to dps / ability wise... i just feel frankly other classes right now are just more powerful.

take notice of mages and hunters right now. Even with people saying that with resilience it should even out.... i frankly do not believe this will be the case... as pvp power cancels out resilience.

Blizzard always fks up balancing issues. Especially when it is a new expansion. I feel they never paid much attention and care to warlocks since Burning cursade. (unlike warriors, rogues and now mages )

My recommendation, take it as a challenge. Don't be scrubs who just roll on classes which blizzard made overpowered. Because when u get good enough and turn the table on these scrubs it shows how skilled u are pvp wise.
*To the OP.. seeing as you are using Grim. of Sacrifice..(pvp) maybe lose Dark Bargain and go with Sacrif. Pact. -> keep your pet out until you are in combat and taking damage.. Use Sacrif. Pact followed with Grim. of Sac. (optimize the effect) ---> make your escapes before you need to.. Locks are especially vulnerable..unless you have a buddy to peel or heal.. "cut & run" or die. ALWAYS put down a port (and be aware of what direction youre facing when you place it)
Go Destro. In full pvp blues, I'm still eating 95k+ chaos bolts. Also, fears are lasting a hell of a lot longer than they did pre-MoP, the diminishing returns on them feels almost nonexistent. Destro Locks are probably my hardest caster opponent so far.
I've been Destro since i made my lock and i loved it, but i feel like i spend more time silenced cus they interrupt my casting then i do actually doing damage, and if i cast a chaos bolt, bam, full hp. i can't out dps a healer, it's impossible.
Actually I feel a little overpowered compared to how it was in Cata. Locks have always required patience and proper use of abilities to play well because they lack a real 'escape' tool and can easily be overwhelmed by stuns and interrupts.

But we finally got some genuine survival cooldowns (1min. pvp-trinket, bubble, and damage reduc/silence protection) as well as some much needed burst to all specs.

Go Destro, roll with the Succy, her whiplash and seduction are amazing CC abilities and they act as interrupts in a pinch. If you can get someone seduced for long enough to pop your dps cooldowns and launch a chaos bolt, it's pretty much GG. Spam Fel Flame to regenerate vital Burning Embers. Try to get in the habit of dropping Rain of Fire over the area you're fighting, it's no longer channeled for Destro. Macro Dark Regeneration with glyphed Healthstone and you basically have full health in 6-8 secs.
i don't think were exactly "underpowered" but we can't stay the way we are right now.

ATM shadow priests replace warlocks completely any comp with a warlock a Spriest can do a better job.
10/02/2012 09:17 PMPosted by Shadowreigns
91 bg's and not a single win, that's.... awful.


I'm almost certain that in 91 battlegrounds, at least one of them you're going to find a team good enough to carry you regardless of how bad you are.
10/03/2012 09:00 PMPosted by Azrax
If you can get someone seduced for long enough to pop your dps cooldowns and launch a chaos bolt, it's pretty much GG.

Or you can just get it off in a Shadowfury. The stun duration is equal to the base cast time of Chaos Bolt, and its off the GCD.
I definitely feel much, much weaker than I did at any point in Cataclysm.
no, i do well myself it's just... the freakin ally man, they nom nom on me and the horde, i'm really tempted to just give up.
10/02/2012 05:18 AMPosted by Nâilbomb
u need to stop !@#$%ing like a woman dude, im destro and i melt ppl to the F***ing ground SUPER EASY, last night i did about 10 bg's and did not do any worse than 30-2 each game, so maybe you just fail at wow? download SWTOR?

Love to hear from you again when you ding 86, 87, 88 etc. and your stats take a massive nosedive.


thats all classes too
underpowered? where? in bgs 3 people can start to hit me and i will only die when one of them dies '-'.

i can chaos bolt for 70~120k damage, can healthstone,regenerate[simbiosis], dark regeneration[when i spec it], no ROGUE can stealth near me because of my INSANE rain of fire and ember tap 110k[dont ask me if it crit] normal.

in the new bg[the one with the balls] you chaos bolt hit kill every ball carrier.

now, what is my problem in bgs:
warriors , that damn regeneration of them i hit them for 20% of the health and in 3 s they are 35% again.
damn warrios...
O yea, you guys are so underpowered in pvp alright...


Never been almost one shotted before...

Try getting some pvp gear: AKA resilience!! A fully geared anything VS you in one contender piece will rip you to shreds :)
What i feel that happen with our class is that they removed/changed too many things that were with our class..... like soul link we now take 100% of the damage all the time... another thing is shadowflame... we now have nothing to slow people down and get away like before.... our curse of exhaustion is the least useful slow when you slow you down 50% and you slow them down 30% its pratically null.... another item we are missing is our instant fear we had (yes we have the talent) and we also lost death coil (yes we can also talent this) but now you can only have 1 of the 2
Slimzash are you carrying the ball in this SS? because when you have the ball you take 100% more damage from any skill.
10/06/2012 09:18 AMPosted by Disnea
another item we are missing is our instant fear we had (yes we have the talent) and we also lost death coil (yes we can also talent this) but now you can only have 1 of the 2

Not to mention the instant fear takes 10% health, no one elses CC causes them health to use. 10% health to polymorph someone? Nope! 10% health to charge/stun someone? Nope! Again people need to quit crying about locks.

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