Who else feels underpowered in pvp?

10/06/2012 09:19 AMPosted by Malacath
Slimzash are you carrying the ball in this SS? because when you have the ball you take 100% more damage from any skill.

And yes this on top of no gear. Not very observant to where the SS was taken :P
Me. Too squishy for a class with only this much mobility and damage.

Look at warriors.
10/02/2012 10:56 PMPosted by Robinn
take notice of mages and hunters right now. Even with people saying that with resilience it should even out.... i frankly do not believe this will be the case... as pvp power cancels out resilience.

This is a common misconception. PvP Power does not "cancel out" resilience. They scale independently of one another:

I'm by no stretch of the means a professional, but what I find that a lot of people don't often take into consideration in PVP for Warlocks is positioning and field awareness.

Often times at earlier ranking I would find myself right in the middle of all the action, and typically yes this resulted in a swift target followed by a swift death for myself.

When you are in the next random BG you do, take a mental note at a random point of where you are standing at. Seriously, as stupid as it sounds, you have to position yourself far away from the action just inside of your distance to cast. You want to be hugging the back with heals and other casters, and I feel that the main reason I'd be dragged in was stupidly charging and using HoT when it wasn't necessary, thus drawing the attention of every alli I came against.

Also, how are you coordinating your CCs? Keep in mind that warlocks are primarily a SUPPORT class, so if you are getting trained by yourself, don't plan on killing the enemy unless you are confident you can and have an early jump. Cast off your fear, Get your curse of exhaustion running, and let the kite train begin. Get too close? Pop another one, throw up your SB:SS with a haunt (if you can hard cast it at that point), and then try draining some life if you have the opportunity.

People don't realize that locks take a lot of skill to play, and it is quite a bit more than just smashing the buttons. Be practiced and focused, keep an eye on where you are in the battle, and most importantly CC.

If you have any questions post a BT and I can talk to you more in game.
My biggest problem with Warlock is that hybrid classes out damage us right now in pvp no matter what spec we are and they even have more utility with heals, purges, silences etc. We are a pure dps class. Mages, Rogues, Warlocks as pure dps classes should be king of pvp damage.
Destruction is pretty hot. Affliction is garbage. Dot's don't do any good damage.
I don't die...ever.
ya I dont die but my damage is garbage outside of CDs
well if you still get crushed in 3 months, theres always pet battles?!
10/07/2012 08:51 AMPosted by Rainbows
Once you're geared it's pretty balanced.
Here's that excuse again.
Affliction actually seems like the worst spec at the moment. Destruction is insane for BGs/RBGs and also what's most common in high rated arena. In high MMR RBGs, we run 2 Destro Locks (the only class we stack) because Chaos Bolt is so good. The only spec that can outdamage me is Frost DKs. Also the survivability is also really good.

10/02/2012 01:59 AMPosted by Theyaa
If you can't get damage out as an Affliction lock, you're doing it way, way wrong. Don't use Glyph of Soul Swap, and just Soulburn-Soul Swap dots onto targets. Haunt for burst or use it on a train target, then Malefic Grasp. Dot everything you can to get Nightfall procs. In a casual setting like a BG, I honestly have never had competition from any single player in damage. In arenas, SB-SS on your swap targets and Haunt for burst kills or Malefic Grasp. Honestly, getting damage out now is probably twice as easy as it was in Cata, and even then it was really simple.

So, (sorry havnt go tto play my lock with the two hour que time for illidan) your saying that a constant huant is nolonger needed in arenas?? What your saying make sence but what would you replace soul swap with? Wouldn't it make more sence to keep it if there is no better glyph? Get dots on 2 targets, right? (arenas) then train one with huant and malific? is that what you mean? While of course ccing heals with normal! fear and the silence. Tell me if I said it wrong just trying to figure out the new play style so then ill know what to do when illidan isnt locked :D
I remember when i took Soul Link and GoSac...oh wait...no i don't...
I'm brutally OP in team fights. i cut enemy damage and control as much as I can, and let the dps classes do the killing.

not quite sure how that's gonna play out in arenas...
I dont seem to have a issue as warlock... i played allot in 85 bg and i do pvp now while lvling i do top damage done and hardly die. first rule of lock is your not in plate dont rush in. stay in back and cast. if you play demo, hand of guldan is a slow then you just demonic leap away that or you use carrion swarm as a knockback. then you can also fear and use shawdowfury and or pet stuns to get away. for affliction use soulburn, soulswap, curse of exhuastion and kite them to death. desto sucks in pvp no mobility its like a arcane mage... you can do lots of damage but your still squishy and you cant kite so your gonna die.
Another thing that will help you do a lot better in BGs is proper portal placement and and proper use of that portal. Make sure the warrior's charge or DK's DG is on CD.
I think destro is pretty solid. in a 1v1 situation i feel can come out on top versus almost anyone except a decent warrior or feral drood if my cd's are up.

but it's still frustrating since horde sucks so much D in the bg's I never get into those 1v1 situations, i'm always trained stunned or silenced

wana beat melee classes? roll demo and watch them burn

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