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Can we get some sort of cooking bag? Having to have so many differnt types of ingredients (veggies, fish, meats, herbs, and spices) is taking up pretty much all of my bag space. I kinda hoped the lute masters bag might help, but it will only hold fish so it was pointless. PLEASE put us in one of these or convert one of the others like maybe the fishing bag to hold cooking supplies and food.
please for the love of god. i am storing food on my bank alts. please
Best idea I have heard is a pantry in Halfhill. Sort of a void storage for cooking ingredients.
not only am i running out of bag space, too, but the fish are rotting. what a smell!
This would be nice.
This would make a good project for engineers: design and build a refrigerator.
lol.. said the same thing the other day. We so need a cooking bag.I am constantly mailing food back and forth between myself and my bank alt..just so i dont have to carry it all in my bags.
I think a "pantry" in your farm would be a better option.
10/05/2012 01:40 PMPosted by Kapulani
I think a "pantry" in your farm would be a better option.

i just yesterday bought an irrigation system for my farm. a pantry in that shack would be a big plus.
i did see someone suggest that a futures market open in halfhill ... with a bank.
please don't tease us ...
I'd like something like the Mobile banking thing but for a food storage area. That way i dont have to fly back to my bank just to retrieve some food for a daily. I'd like to have my mats on the go; if they are going to be incorporated into dailies.
were u get it
halfhill from the ironpaw vendor. for 10 tokens i believe.
They have cooking bag at market for 10 paws

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