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Guild Recruitment
Who are we?

Middle Ground is an Alliance guild on the Dawnbringer (PVE Central) server founded by a group of friends that have been playing together since 2006. We decided to start our own guild in order to create an environment that is stress and drama free. We believe in making the most out of the time we do have to play. We also believe in karma (i.e. you get what you give). Some of us like raiding progression style while others prefer doing whatever sounds good at the time whether it be lollygagging in a town, PvPing, running 5-mans, working on achievements, or playing an alt.

Who do we want?

A majority of our members are in their late 20's and early 30's and it is for that reason that we are recruiting adults (18+) of all levels and classes. We are looking for players all over the experience spectrum from the brand new WoW player to the seasoned veteran. We seek mature, fun-seeking, helpful individuals that are looking to grow with a guild and experience the game in a helpful, drama-free environment. We are looking for people who are willing to be a part of an environment where we can count on each other.

What can we offer you?

A guild of people who know each other in real life but do not play favorites. We believe in treating everyone fairly and in a constructive, friendly manner. We do not like being rude and do not get off on insulting people (we insult each other sometimes out of love.) We want to provide not only a guild but a community in which all of our members can log-in to and not feel pressured or like they don't mean anything to the guild. All of our members mean something. We love our members and we show it by wanting to group with our members before pugging.

Of course we have the normal guild assets such as a 7-tab guild bank, guild repairs during raids and for certain ranks, and RaidCall (instead of Vent because it's free).

What about raiding?

We do it 10 man style. As mentioned, some of us are interested in the progression style. We have two teams: Heroic Team and Member Team. As we are still growing, scheduled raids work like this: when we have enough sign-ups we go; if we are close, we pug; and if we only have a few we'll queue for raid finder.

The Heroic Team is comprised of our raid junkies. Those that are interested in joining this team right off the bat should fill out the Heroic Application on our website to be on track for the heroic rank. We are currently looking for 8 individuals including 3 stand-bys (see 2nd post for specifics). Heroic team raids start October 16 and are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 7-10pm server time (8-11pm Eastern).

The Member Team is comprised of members and member alts. All players, once they pass the initiate phase and are not on the heroic track, join the member team. Members are not required to raid. All we ask is that if you sign-up, you show up. Member team raids start November 7 and are on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7-10pm server time.

What about a raid attendance policy?

If you can't raid, decline the invitation or don't sign-up. We understand people like doing people things outside of the game. Life happens. If you do sign-up for a raid and do not show up or give notice of your absence before or after it happens, there will be penalties. Although we want our members to have freedom to do what they want in the game, we also expect our members to show some sort of responsibility.

Loot?! What about the loot?

We believe that those that contribute the most to the guild should get the most out of the guild and therefore we use an EPGP system. No, this doesn't mean we expect you to log on every day and dump 500 Mogu Pumpkins in the guild bank but it does mean that we like to see our members working to help out other members whether that be by attending raids or other events, donating materials, or completing guild challenges to help with repair funds. You can find more information about this on our website.

How does joining work?

Those seeking to join the member rank can either fill out an application or just log on and talk to us. You can either add Rumraisin/Hamsammich's Battletag (Frogface17#1664) or whisper someone online and they'll point you in the right direction.

Those interested in joining the heroic rank should fill out an application on the website. You can log-in and talk to us, too. However, we will point you to the application.

Turn around on applications should only be about a day.

Any other information?

Our website is located at middleground.enjin.com. Be sure to read over our Guild Charter and Rules to gain a better understanding of who we are and how we function.

Do not hesitate to contact anyone online, post in our recruitment forums, or post in this thread if you have any questions.

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you.
Current needs for our heroic team are as follows (preferences):

1 Main tank (warrior, monk)
1 healer (shaman, paladin, priest)
2 ranged (hunter,spriest, ele shaman)

Also seeking 3 stand-by individuals. These individuals are on the roster in case one of our main raiders is absent. So, if you're interested in seeing content but don't want to raid every week, this may be the position for you.
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Laid back atmosphere with a guild made of people who just want to have fun in the game together. Join us.
Looking for casuals as well as those looking to progress. Starting slow but soon we'll be in full swing. Join us.
It's your game. Play it how you want to. We'll support you all the way. Join us!
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