[A]Middle Ground-18+-Leveling/Casual/10mRaid

Guild Recruitment
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WTB a Spriest and Holy Paladin!
Spriest, Holy Paladin. Go!
This is the last week before our raids start. Join us!
Good Afternoon.
Join us this weekend for dungeon crawling and some LFR as we finish getting ready to raid.
Just hit level 25 and we are just about ready to roll come Tuesday. Join us!
LF 2 healers, 1 melee dps and 2 range dps to join us tomorrow night at 7pm central time for our first venture into Mogu'shan Vaults.

All loot that drops is free roll. Main spec > off spec.

Good evening.
Wtb some turnips.
Good morning!
Looking for more awesome individuals.
Good morning/afternoon.
Would love some ranged dps.
Good morning
Good morning.
Good night, wowers.

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