Balance Druid pvp BG....bad forms?

I'm a noob player and this Druid is my highest level toon. In fact I'm still in the process of learning the abbreviations and WoW language. I enjoy the balance Druid and the play style suits me. It seems to be accurate as what the name implies-a nice balance btw damage and healing. I find it humorous how some people take a balance Druid and then are disappointed when they are not topping the damage charts. I view the moonkin as the Swiss army knife of toons not the machete. Anyway back to my main point.

I like mixing in some BG with my dungeoning and questing. My main question is in the battleground environment is it bad form to be well, switching forms?
For example: attacking a base at Arathi with a group, coming in stealth in cat form, swiping a few blows, then switching to moonkin form dot up some enemies and root and solar the healers ect.ect......i realize I'm not geared for feral form. I have int gear. Another player (not a druid) on the BG expressed disapproval for this style of play. So it got me wondering how do other moonkins approach the pvp BG? Do I stayin moonkin form all the time? Or is it better to mix it up with the different forms available. I'm not really talking about the travel form, i know there no doubt that is useful for peeling away. I'm mostly talking about going in and out of cat form to moonkin form and vice versa.

If this is considering trolling then my apologies, but I'm just curious how more seasoned balanced Druids approach pvp and BG environments.

Thank u for your input.
Yeah unfortunately damage in cat / bear form is not very good.

Going cat form for dash / stealthing around is good.

Bear is all good for tanking some melee hits and you can't get away when you are silenced.

Other than that, just use travel form to get distance from the enemy if they are sitting on you or to LoS.

Boomkin is what your are going to want to be in primarily.
A good druid will utilize every trick in the (spell) book to get the job done. The hard part is knowing when to use them, and why it's advantageous, and how to maximize it without over extending its usefulness.

Right now I find the only real reason to go bear is for the increased health pool and I only do that when my only option to survive is to soak damage and hope I get an opening to recover. There are probably other situations, but this is about all I use it for at the moment. Not sure if we have demo roar for a baseline skill anymore, but I used to use that for the mitigation it offered.

Cat form is great for scoping out situations, opening in cat gives combo points which can later be used for maim. Cat for also provides a good damage alternative for those moments when you can't cast for damage. If you spec into feral charge, cat/bear form charge is a great way to close enough ground on runners to cast some CC into damage chain.

Basically, there is a use for nearly everything in the spell book. Don't hamstring yourself by thinking since you play boomkin you should only use balance spells.

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