elemental aoe question

so obviously i spam CL...but should i be using elemental blast first for the buff? like every time it's up? or is that a dps lose?

also, what about fulmination? i get it constantly should i be using it during CL spam?
one last question..do i always have burning wrath and grace of air buffs active? when i'm not in a group it doesn't show i have them as buffs...do they go away when you're solo?
The only answer I'm confidant about is that you do always have burning wrath and grace of air. I'm pretty sure you use ES during aoe but I don't have any math to back this up. I personally start off with Elemental Blast since the animation is cool and it usually procs mastery but I don't have any math for this either.
There is two ways to go about it... One you could multi flame shock between CLs and instant LvB. The other simpler method would be to just CL and ES for Fulmination.

As always Earthquake is still yet and will be very much a disappointment to even worth the cast time, and it doesn't benefit from Mastery.
A lot of it boils down to the amount of targets.

With three for example I'll flameshock my main target and use standard rotation but swapping chain lightning for lightning bolt.

With four I pretty much do the same depending on the health pools of the mobs.

Five plus I just spam chain lightning and earth shock.

Finally, with eight or more I'll actually bother to cast earthquake since at that point it begins to become worth it.

Also, don't forget to use magma totem! Searing totem does such terrible damage that if you can consistently hit multiple targets magma is a good choice. I like to pair it with totemic projection and earth grab.
5 or more mobs EQ + CL spam while weaving Fulmination is the best. I also project Magma into groups as well.

4 just project magma, Flame shock, and CL your heart out while weaving 7stack Fulmination.

3 targets i project magma and trade CL for LiB while maintaining a normal single target rotation.
so don't use elemental blast then? does having FS on more than 1 target increase the chance of getting a lava surge proc?
I've been completely @@%%%*!!#! on AoE dps so far.

1) If 5+ targets, use earthquake
2) Always project magma
3) CL spam

If there are only 2-3 targets I'll rotate FS and then use LvB and ES between CL's. If 4 targets I'll do the same thing as 5+ (but without earthquake).

Obviously, any buffs that increase dps before that helps as well but not really needed. Elemental blast seems to be too long of a cast to be worthwhile.
On large AoE trash pulls do the following.

1) Pre-cast Earthquake
2) Chain Lightning like crazy
3) Check meters.
4) Laugh at other dps for not keeping up for you doing 175k dps.
5) ????
6) Profit

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