Unacceptable lengthy server queue times

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10/01/2012 05:36 PMPosted by Merlehaggard
I cannot fathom why anyone would want to be on a server that full. Different strokes for different folks lol

It's nice having such a large community and auction house.
400 to go and been in que well over 2 hours. :\
You could also wait untill probably mid-next week or the week after that when everyone who came back to check out Mists leaves.

There is always a peak in population after an expansion, people wanna check it out.
What exactly do you want them to do? The server tech can only support so many users before it no longer becomes stable resulting in the server going down or a lot of lag issues.

It's funny how transferring is "not an option" but if you were given 15$ of free game time suddenly it's perfectly viable.

These things happen when you play on high pop servers. Happened to me way back in the day when Bleeding Hollow was ridic and they offered free transfers and my guild took it. Worked out a lot better.
Here's a wild idea...

Let us transfer off the realms we're on to realms that we want to transfer to instead of lame dead ones that nobody cares about. I'm stuck on Kil'jaden because the free transfer is to a pretty quiet realm, I think it was Frost something. I joined Kil'jaden pre-mop because it was populated but not overloaded at the time. Now I can't play if it's past 6PM my time because of a 3 hour queue. I don't want to join a dead realm just to be able to login. That's stupid. I might as well play a single player game if I'm going to have to choose between not playing a popular server or playing on one nobody is on.
So you want them to take a highly populated realm and offer transfers to another highly populated realm?
You think the queue times are bad, try turning off experience at level 80 and be forced to wait in queue longer because Random Wrath Heroics are unavailable to anyone with Cata or MoP expansion. I have to select every Wrath Heroic and wait even longer as a Tank since random queue has more priority over selective. I also no longer get Justice Points for my troubles (complete bs).

You have it easy in my opinion. Go quest or PVP if you feel waiting to run a dungeon for experience is slow.

They're talking about Server Queues. They can't do either because they can't play at all.
Only thing that really could have been done is to lock the high pop servers and keep them locked. High pop servers like KJ are popular locations to transfer to mid to end expansion by players and guilds looking for active raiding and PVP communities and I have personally noted over a hundred server transfers on one faction coming over during a single content patch and numbers are likely higher.
10/01/2012 05:29 PMPosted by Mech
Bashiok, Illidan has gotten up to over 3,000 people in a queue the last couple days, which is about 4-5 hours of standing in line.

And? You chose to play on a high-population realm. Either take advantage of the free transfer or deal with it.
This is not my main. My mains are on another server. I use this as an alias to avoid being ridiculed by a community that believes every person making a complaint is a troll.

This is not a solution. As a paying customer, something needs to be done about this.

It's not fun to wait in queues, I hit them myself from time to time. People tend to 'clump up' to play with friends or join guilds on specific realms, and then everyone comes back for expansions or even new patches. We'll pretty commonly see queues hit a couple hours. The realm hardware, not to mention game content, is designed to house and support a specific number of characters per realm. It's not feasible to increase and decrease those allotments as interest increases and wanes, which is why we offer free character transfers when queues get too high.

With the advent of BattleTags and cross-realm zones, being on separate realms from your friends actually doesn't mean much as to your ability to talk and interact with them. Of course the best solution might just be trying to get everyone to move with you.

While I don't really have a problem with queues, I don't think you should blame it on the hardware.. Ultimately hardware is very cheap, bandwidth while expensive for Wow is relatively cheap per person.. It's manpower that's expensive. That has relatively little to do with server queues though.

What does matter are zone resources, a zone can only support so many people questing.. Too many and it's frustrating, too few and the game seems empty. While I'm not for or against instancing zones ala guild wars.. It seems with Cross-realms you've sorta taken the first steps in that direction.

They're talking about Server Queues. They can't do either because they can't play at all.

oh logging in. my bad. good luck with that.
I didn't have a problem with it until just now. I waited until I was around number 300 only to get disconnected and sent back to number 970. What the hell?
I am from Frostmourne and the server queue is at 2.6k and lasts 2-4 hours and considering i get home from work at 6 its pretty much over.

If your hardware has issues with the amount of players, the servers SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED and no one should have been able to transfer or create characters there.

What do you do when guilds and players wont transfer with you? Can you blame them? The only server that you have given as an option is Gundrak which is a Ghost town, and don't use CRZ as a solution because it doesn't effect guilds on the server or things like the AH. CRZ is pathetic.

The fact of the matter is this is your own lack of vision that let the realms spiral out of control.

I know that i will not be buying another expansion and i also know several other working people who have quit over this as well.

You cant expect guilds to transfer when they are not having issues, all the kids get home between 3.30 - 4.00 so by the time all the working people get home its too late.

I have been playing since Vanilla and TBH thought i would be playing until the game ended, but alas its come to an end early, simply because i cannot log into play and i pay for this game. I am not moving to a ghost town sever with no guilds and a terrible AH and if you think this is a viable solution then just shows how little you care about your community.

Thanks for nothing Blizzard, what happened to you?
Bashiok, Illidan has gotten up to over 3,000 people in a queue the last couple days, which is about 4-5 hours of standing in line.

And counting.... Still waiting

I cannot fathom why anyone would want to be on a server that full. Different strokes for different folks lol
OP just wants to stay on a full server like illidan because thats where the "best" players reside, and is hoping for a quick easy carry in the upcoming season.
2,000 people ahead of me! Yay! To everyone responding by saying "Transfer off" or "Quit the game" you should really stop. People like you make it so Blizzard does not need to provide a real solution to this problem. Simply offering free transfers off to some low population server that nobody wants to join isn't enough. Even if I were to pick which realm I could transfer to I would still be hesitant. Even in a free to play game there would be outrage over a 2-3 hour queue to play the game, and we're talking about $15 a month.

A better example would be: Buying a television and not being able to use it whenever I want to.

The game is a product, I paid for it, I should be able to use it when I want to. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to play the game when I do not want to because it's the only time I can because of queues.
10/01/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Fanahlia
Been posting on this toon-- my main-- for years now. Have yet to be ridiculed.

You are silly and smell bad.

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