Unacceptable lengthy server queue times

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And something has been done. They offered free server transfers off of Illidan. You have 3 options.

1. Take the server transfers
2. Stay on Illidan and put up with the queue
3. Quit

Thats still a bad solution. Why not have overflow servers? Like guild wars. Thats something they did right.

Explain this witchcraft or be burned at the stake.
A better example would be: Buying a television and not being able to use it whenever I want to.

The game is a product, I paid for it, I should be able to use it when I want to. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to play the game when I do not want to because it's the only time I can because of queues.

You clearly think you bought something that you didn't then. Read the ToS. You are in no way, shape or form guaranteed access to the servers.
2,000 people ahead of me! Yay! To everyone responding by saying "Transfer off" or "Quit the game" you should really stop. People like you make it so Blizzard does not need to provide a real solution to this problem. Simply offering free transfers off to some low population server that nobody wants to join isn't enough. Even if I were to pick which realm I could transfer to I would still be hesitant. Even in a free to play game there would be outrage over a 2-3 hour queue to play the game, and we're talking about $15 a month.

A better example would be: Buying a television and not being able to use it whenever I want to.

The game is a product, I paid for it, I should be able to use it when I want to. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to play the game when I do not want to because it's the only time I can because of queues.

Okay then what's the solution? They have already stated in the thread that the technology isn't there to expand, so what solution do you think they should do? What is it they can possibly do? Do you realize to, if they DID decide to, work up some new thing, that by the time it's implemented the queues will have quieted down? Because it would need to be designed, built and tested.

So in the mean time, what is the solution? Everyone is screaming that transferring ISNT the way to go...so what do they do?
Any chance you can get the remote AH to work while your in queue? I'm on a heavily populated server. It'd be nice to be able to do something "game-related" like shopping/posting on the AH while I wait, but the phone-app registers you as "online" despite being stuck in queue.

As a fellow programmer I understand the whole commit/race condition issues, but I don't think anyone can do much to exploit the game from the login in please wait window.

P.S. while were talking new features using daily cds in a similar fashion might be nice. Right now if you queue up at 8 pm on my server, you might not make that 12 pm cut-off. Just a thought.

Oh yeah and re-listing more than one item at a time if I have multiples of the ah list and want to sell them independently.

Do you guys take requests? Your suggestions forums rarely has a blue response but the trolls seem to get all the love.
I can certainly feel the pain of the OP, I have played on a few high populated servers myself in the past with at times brutal queue times which is frustrating.
Due to job and family requirements I also cannot always tie in as much wow time as I prefer.
However servers only have a certain capacity and some servers are higher populated than others.
Combine a holiday such as brewfest and the release of an entirely new expansion for which many people have come back to wow and you will see much more usage than normal.
I am sure Blizzard realizes this as well, and to be quite frank I think the stability of servers in general is quite impressive given the current loads, the queues are a trade-off for that unfortunately. We can dislike it (which is normal) but some things may not be as easily solved as others.
Give it some time and the queues will diminish.

On a side-note, the TOS does include the following statement: (and I de-capped it)
13. Disclaimer of Warranties.
The service is provided on an "As Is" and "As available" basis for your use, without warranties of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, noninfringement, and those arising from course of dealing or use of trade. Blizzard does not warrant tat you will be able to access or use the service at the times or locations of your choosing; that the services will be uninterrupted or error-free; that defects will be corrected; or that the game client or the service are free of viruses or other harmful components.

In short, like it or not, unfortunately sometimes the game does not work exactly the way you'd want it to.
seems like a thing for blizz to look into is "accounts per servers" and stop letting new accounts join super high pop servers.. that would stop QQing like this in its tracks ... and if an account is inactive for a set given period of time its get booted to a server set up for dusty accounts
10/01/2012 06:30 PMPosted by Shàd
OP just wants to stay on a full server like illidan because thats where the "best" players reside, and is hoping for a quick easy carry in the upcoming season.

You have players like myself who have been playing on their server from all the way back in Classic and dont want to leave.
You must be new here right? *sits in rocking chair*

back in my day i had to wait for 4 hours in order to spend another 2 hours to wait for a raid group to get together then spend the next 6 hours wiping on lady vashj.

*rocks back and forth in his chair with a pipe in his mouth*

yep thems where some mighty hard times, you wiper snappers now a days only need to wait 2 hours to get in with your fancy pants automatic raid do hickey and your daily wotcha majigers.

As you can see this is a real issue and something needs to be done about it. Either compensate for lost time in game for those that have to work, or give them some sort of in game compensation. We arent asking for our money back but we do want some sort of understanding that you are aware this is a problem and just throwing free transfers to dead servers or more queued servers in our faces as this is NOT a solution. This is a problem. 2 days lost now of leveling because of these damn queues. I want my time back.

What keeps Blizzard going? There customers. And this is some of the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I'd be out of the job right now if this is how I treated our customers.

Ugh...i just got on then got disconnected. 2k in the queue. This is ridiculous.

And for anyone, everyone who wants to say something about my loyalty to WOW? I was apart of the pre-classic\vanilla beta. I leveled a lock and we cleared naxx 40. I was here the whole time. I farmed for my epic mount for weeks when we didnt have our own. I did the epic quest needed to get the mount. I was the first in my guild to get felheart pieces before they were re-imaged. So lets not go there please.
...but the trolls seem to get all the love.

Yes. Yes we do ;D
10/01/2012 05:15 PMPosted by Bashiok
It's not feasible to increase and decrease those allotments as interest increases and wanes, which is why we offer free character transfers when queues get too high.

This is understandable.

10/01/2012 05:15 PMPosted by Bashiok
the best solution might just be trying to get everyone to move with you.

This is not.

This "free" server transfer still costs money if you want to move a guild. Additionally your friends list gets reset. Those are two rather large inconveniences for a group of friends who are considering a move.


Obviously new expansions tend to bring back old players. Upgrading hardware for this TEMPORARY influx of players is not practical, and I get that. However, free transfers to other realms are not viable as a stand-alone resolution.

When queue times become regular, its time to put limitations on the server. For example Kil'Jaeden has queue numbers above 2000 during peak times. It can take several hours to log on. Until the consistency of these queues is back to normal, you should not be allowing new character creation or paid transfers to this server.

Your customers are paying for a certain experience, and although perfection is not always possible you should be trying your absolute best to rectify the issue.
Blizzard you have to make the destination more appealing. The people who transfer to Illidan come from dead servers like Mug'thol. Who in their right minds would go back. You have to sweeten the deal.

Give me a free xfer off Illidan to Tich and I'll take it.

What you should do is offer the free transfer but then offer a free transfer back to the original server at a later date in the future. Like a return voucher so players will transfer to level and gear and then once the queues die down a bit they can transfer back. I came from a server like Mug'thol and servers like those take the MM out of MMORPG.

P.S. I was 2358 in queue to get on Illidan when I started typing this. Now I'm 2332. Movin' on up!... -_-
10/01/2012 07:07 PMPosted by Arianenna
This is not my main. My mains are on another server. I use this as an alias to avoid being ridiculed by a community that believes every person making a complaint is a troll.

You mean Darklørd, Darkvøid, Idunheal and Necrølørd?

How people still think they can hide behind alts is amazing.

Also, you have three options:

1. Stay and sit in your queue

2. Take the free transfer and actually play

3. Cancel your account

Take your pick.

Get over yourself. If you have nothing productive to say, then I suggest you move on. I pay my subscription JUST like you do. Get over it. I have a right to express my concerns. And I expect nothing less from anyone else.
How about some feed back regarding a solution that dose not come with undesirable results like having to drop from guild.

Why can't there be overflow servers ? Or why can't the servers be made to handle more traffic ?

I am experiencing the same problem. I work until 5pm and arrive home to find 3k que's, preventing any play every night during the week.

For me I was willing to transfer the alt I am leveling but was denied because there is something sitting in my mail box.

Three guesses what that might be O;o Spam mail from a gold seller !!! So without logging into the account I can't transfer lol.

And btw let Blizzard answer for how they spend thier money. Unless you are an official bean counter for them don't flame just for the sake of flaming.

Perhaps it is not a cost effective solution, however we do see others in the industry utalizing the technology of using mirror overflow servers.

I mean if the technology is there why not take advantage ?

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