RA 10man LF Spiest(with Good Offspec Heals)

We are a 10 man guild currently leveling and gearing up for Mists of Pandaria raids. We are looking for a couple of classes to fill our ranks. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild which raids on a fairly light schedule (3 Hours-3 Days/week), but we strive to be competive over the last several years. We transformed from a 25man raiding guild to a 10man raiding guild in the last six months or so. We still share the same commitment and drive to progress in a raid envirment. We did clear 8/8DS Heroic modes and are looking forward to the new content. This guild has had plenty of success as a 25man guild in their history. We carried that same enthusiam into the 10man and exceeded expectations. We wish to continue this progression into Mists of Pandaria.

---WHO WE ARE---

The officers and core raiders have extensive hardmode experience and work together very well. We are a mature raiding guild (majority of raiders being +21 years of age). We are guild that is committed to progression while making a point of enjoying this game. We strive to progress efficiently with our limited raid time and with minimal DRAMA.

We are only looking to fill 1 spot in our 10 man group as listed below.

Ranged Dps

Shadow Priest(immediate need) Must have good off spec for healing.


Holy/Disc Priest(moderate need) Must have good off spec for Dps

Resto Shaman(moderate need) Must have dps off spec

Mistweaver Monk(moderate need) Must have dps off spec


5/6 MSV Heroic
2/6 HoF Heroic
4/4 Terrace


Our main raid days are the following:

Monday: 7:30PM – 10:30PM PST
Tuesday: 7:30PM – 10:30PM PST
Wednesday: 7:30PM – 10:30PM PST

The rest of days we spend doing heroics, pvp and alt 10man.


From US:

- Progression is our main purpose in this guild and we are very serious when it comes to raiding.

- Consistent weekly raiding – we only raid three nights a week, which we believe is the right amount of nights to meet our objectives.

- We respect everyone in the guild from top to bottom, and we treat each other with a level of respect that we ourselves would expect to be treated.

- We have a ZERO DRAMA policy; we do not encourage or condone any type of abuse towards our members. We believe that any type of negative reinforcement does not work when it comes to trying to help a member improve.

From YOU:

- Strong understanding of your class and your role within the raid group, meaning you have a decent understanding of how to gear your toon (items, gems, enchants, etc) and you have decent knowledge of raid mechanics and fundamentals.

- Maintain 90% overall raid attendance, since we only raid 3 nights a week, we believe that it is not too demanding.

- Being prepared by coming into the raid on time and with consumables (if the Guild Bank cannot provide it to you atm).

- Being active in the guild by checking our forums regularly and provide any opinion or inputs that you may have.

- Do not come into the guild with any DRAMA whatsoever

- Have a positive attitude that is cohesive to the raid group and not abrasive.


We have Mumble and Ventrilo. We currently decide under officer council and on the honor based system. We are toying with EPGP once again, but that is not decided yet. More to come on that later.

We do accept friends and family into the guild, the only thing that we require is that they fit into our guild culture and get along with our raiders. We would prefer for the player to be 18 years of age or older due to adult language that goes on in the guild.

If Risen Anarchy seems like the guild for you, please send us a tell or apply on the applications section of our forums @


Contact Information:
In game or PM via the forums: Sedaí, Ríver, Suijin, Acheilos, Espada

Realid: Sedaí: ec.thomp1984@gmail.com
I need a partner to heal with!!
If you need fill-ins until you can get a solid group, please add myself (Fury DPS) and an exceptional healer to your ringer list (Blowurmind). If we are on when you start, we are available, please just drop us a whisper. We are still waiting for our members to hit 90 before we start raiding, so we do not mind helping until then.
Appreciate the offer. Thanks! Just looking for more long term
Currently ilvl 464 holy priest and started raid this week and downed the 1st MSV boss
Looking for different raid times
I was 8/8H DS and I'm looking for a semi-hardcore raiding group that wants to progress
Hi there Jeezis. When are you able to talk? I was out of town this weekend, but you can get a hold of me via the forums or email. ec.thomp1984@gmail.com I am now back and able to chat.
Bumpin' Dis!
You guys look like a good fit.In need of a disc. priest? I am Looking for a new home on a PST realm to fit my new work schedule.
bump. still need MT/OT PST
reroll 25 kthanks
we will work on that for you brock
Am I suppose to be bumping this?
join us...WE NEED MORE BRAINS....
12/04/2012 10:30 PMPosted by Suijin
join us...WE NEED MORE BRAINS....

Moar Pandas! imo

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