Matches should NOT end instantly on a D/C.

Pet Battles
I've been winning so many matches today and had the match simply end instantly (and presumably myself forced to forfeit) because I D/C'ed for literally 3-10 seconds. Please, Blizzard, for the love of god, give at least a small, SMALL grace period. Your pat battle system seems to cause D/C's a lot anyway.
Also, happened to me just now and when I logged back in, I was actually teleported to Darkshire, which was where the match had been taking place. Not lagging, I can actually move around, see and talk to people that are there. Lolwut. Fix plz.
-pokes thread- lolnecro
anyone have the same problem?
I disagree, I would rather not waste my time in a battle if someone else dc. If you are having connection issues others shouldn't be penalized for it.
10/03/2012 06:43 AMPosted by Terindal
If you are having connection issues others shouldn't be penalized for it.

I agree for the most part. Its unfortunate that you're having connection problems, but forcing a player to wait 30 seconds each round to kill off three pets because you D/C'd is unfair.

I do think that a player should be given the one turn to complete their action, however. If you're offline when the turn expires, though, the match should be forfeited.
It's not wasting a lot of time. I wouldn't have even required any extra time to come back in and make my move selection. They are brief, 1-3 second DCs caused by lag caused occasionally by the pet battles. I can log back in immediately. If the match had not instantly ended as soon as I DCed, I would have been able to keep playing and win. Instead, it assumed I wanted to quit because my game locked up, which is absolute BS.

Are you saying that the 30 second timer you're normally allowed (without DC) is too long to wait? If so, take that up with Blizzard, but I like it. When I run into a cheating player who uses a level 15 pet with two level 1's to flatten my level 6 pets when I'm trying to level fairly, I purposefully afk and make them wait all the 30-second turns to make their game take as long as possible, just to get back at them for cheating. If I have stuns, heals or damage reduction moves, I will use those as late in the 30-second period as possible (say, with 1-2 seconds left). Serves them right.

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