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Emerald Dream
Hello my good friends! Recently me and some real life friends transferred over so we are fairly new to the realm! That will not stop us from trying to have some WPvP/Arena/RBG fun though! So if interested please do send me a tell in-game or message!

Guild is at level 20 currently but growing fast! Help with heroics, do battlegrounds and lots of WPvP to prepare for tomorrows arena season! :D

Well, that is all I have for now but if interested for more tasty information you have my address! See you all in-game and have fun!
(( Welcome to the server. ))
((Server the to welcome.))
Welcome! Feel free to contact me anytime, my guild is looking for some events to do and would love to team up with another guild.
If there's anything we need more of, it's gnome warriors
Emoclew ot eht revres.
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! When the guild is bigger I will take on your offer Tailung! :)
My guild is quite small as well, but once I hit 90, I wouldn't mind doing some premade battlegrounds with you guys, or some 2's for fun. Besides that, there may be people in my guild that have interests that more line up with yours and may want to switch! You never know. I will contact you in game and I'll see what I can do to help you guys get started as well. :)

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