What do you do while in queue?

I watch old school Legends of the Hidden Temple and drink the duration that Kurt Fog touches a child. How about you?
I'm not gonna search for similar posts. Seriously. I'm drunk, piss off.
Actually I am having a blast. Why you gotta kill my buzz?
Smirnoff. LOL. I'm 2 handles of Jack and some Crystal Skull Vodka in. I remember my first beer.
What sucks is I had to buy this vodka in New Hampshire and bring it down to Texas with me. You ever seen this vodka before?


Saw this gem in New Hampshire and had to bring some back to Texas with me.

I wasn't bragging at all. I'm having a great time, so what the hell?


I look at the forums to view the stupidity of random players thinking they have discovered stupidity.
Drinking makes you a man.
10/01/2012 09:26 PMPosted by Aleous
You sucked a troll? Eugh.

Must not be too good for a boy like him.
I play other games on my PC because I have a good enough rig to run two games at once unlike you laptop pricks.
I got my Orc warrior to 90 last night on blackrock. That, and I go work out.

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