My mount is grey

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All my mounts come out grey, rather than their normal colors?

I'm not sure I know what you're referring to. Any chance you can grab a screenshot, upload it to a hosting site, and post the link so we can see?
Well, when I went to refresh this page and saw your post. I had been Chastised. When that debuff lifted, before I took the screenshot ironically, the color returned.

So I guess when you take money from the dead your mount color is greyed out?

Sorry, I have no idea. I've never seen my mounts as all grey so I'm not aware of any in-game mechanics that could cause it. Looks like you found one though :)
I'll have it happen again and post a screenshot, should I do it here in this thread? It might happen tonight, who knows?
This is happening to me as well. After the chastise debuff wore off from stealing a coin my mount went grey. I re logged and i still hasn't fixed the problem. Not that big of a deal but kind of annoying.

I uploaded some screenshots.
Aslar ,

It looks after all that it's intentional. You should stop stealing coins :)

Check the comments!
Lol i see, glad my video card wasn't dieing again.

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