"Failed to Create Pet Battle"

Bug Report
I dunno what's wrong, really.

I had no problem battling the Small Frogs in Darnassus earlier today, but now I can't.

Turns out it just won't let me on my Starter Edition. Odd.
I've been having this same problem. All of a sudden, I can't battle pets. "Failed to Create Pet Battle"

/reload does not fix it, but logging out then back in again sometimes does.
Had the same problem when I tried to battle my starter account friend... so it's just starter accounts I guess.
Its not the starter accounts. I have a permanent account and cannot do any pet battles. I did them a few minutes prior and it suddenly stopped working. I tried relogging, removing all addons and rebooting. Nothing has worked. Strangely I can do it on my other account. Not sure exactly what this implies.
Same problem... started a few minutes ago. Doesn't seem to matter what toon or what server, they all fail.

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