Soul link + grimoire of sac, explanation?

I have heard all the rumours how soul link gives you an extra 20% health on top of grim of sac, but i have just done some testing and i am noticing no health changes between having soul link up at the time of sacing and not having it up. The tool tip also mentions nothing about bonus HP (for soul link)

Can anyone please explain to me the reason why these 2 talents are favoured?
When you spec into both those, the 20% health increase is passively given to GoSac. It doesn't matter if you have the Soul Link buff up or not when you sacrifice your minion, it just matters if you're speced into it.

but i still don't see where the soul link comes into play? GoSac itself gives the 20% bonus (according to tooltip) it doesn't say that soul link is required?
Without the Soul Link talent, it won't have the 20% health bonus.
Does it not show on the tooltip if you haven't?
It doesn't. Why not just go try it out with the Soul Link talent and without?
Well now i don't need to because you answered every question i had :p thanks

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