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Astalder (www.Astalder.com) is a 25man progression raiding guild, established in 2009. We went 8/8HM in 25mans in Cataclysm after our 5 month break during DS, and after achieving a handful of class realm firsts to 90, we have started raiding in Mists and are currently 1/6 in Vaults. While raiding is our main focus, we house many Casual and PvP oriented players.

Our main focus in recruiting is to replace players with less than desirable attendance or skill, with great players who can maintain a high commitment level. We do not mass recruit for bench slots, but raid spots are competitive and everyone has to earn their full time position.

We promote a professional, non nerd raging way of leading but do hold people to a certain standard of performance. At this time we have 1-2 CORE, full time positions for competitive DPS

■ Tuesday, 6:30pm - 10:00pm, PST
■ Thursday, 6:30pm - 10:00pm, PST

■ Wed may be added in for a few additional hours during initial progression
** Invites are at 6:00pm **

■ Sat/Sun: Casual 10man runs, Off night hijinks

■ Skilled Tank (Has to be able to make 100% of our raids)
■ Raid heals (Disc, Resto, Mist)
■ Elem Shaman
■ Shadow Priest
■ Hunter
■ Boomkin
■ Warlock
* Players of exceptional skill are always welcome to apply*

Basic requirements:
■ Everyone who applies must be age 19+, no exceptions.
■ Raiders must be able to maintain 100% raid attendance, outside of emergencies.
■ Adept at your class. We will look at your gems, enchants, reforging on your armory.
■ The ability to listen and speak on voice chat (Mumble) during raids, if you raid with us.
■ A computer and internet connection that can handle 25man raiding.
■ Drama free zone! We don't babysit peoples personal lives or friendship circles.
■ Laid back and not easily offended. Does contain adult humor and topics.

Rated Battlegrounds:
In Cataclysm, our casual RBG team went to a 2k+ rating on a 1-2 night schedule. We plan to have a competitive team for Mists. PvP is never mandatory for membership, but those who sign up for the RBG team will be under scrutiny when it comes to gear, ability and commitment levels.

Casual/Social Members
We are open to the casual player who just doesn't have the time or interest in raiding, but wants to hang out with adults and enjoy their online time with fun people. Our casual rank also allows for those who are just coming back to the game or prefer to play alts instead of commit to a raiding schedule. There is no time commitment here, but everyone is open to our alt raids.

The guild in general is extremely social. We hang out a lot together while running instances, doing old content for achievements, and spending a majority of our online time in Mumble. We are only looking for active, intelligent and interesting players who enjoy gaming for the game and personal challenges. Ego driven, loot !@#$% types need not apply. Our guild is very tight knit and very welcoming to exceptional players who have a team first mentality.

For more information or to apply (yes we actually have an application process!), please visit our website.

In game contacts: Aimeri, Alisyn, Alderaek, Imaburr, Sanzy
Website: www.Astalder.com
brb rerolling hunter
New yummeh.
Did whats his name get at you yesterday?
I want to marry Felicia Day.
See, I don't get it. Maybe the nerd side gets her hot points, I can agree with that. But.. other than that?

Ok the red hair too. Maybe.
I think she's kinda cute. But Idunno, she has a weird face to me. Overrated imo.
See, I don't get it. Maybe the nerd side gets her hot points, I can agree with that. But.. other than that?

Ok the red hair too. Maybe.

Quirky adorableness...and she's beautiful! The whole gamer girl thing doesn't do a lot for me...but...since I'm pretty restricted as to where I can REALLY married...I think I should just go for her. Y/Y? xD
Oh noes!
Insane fight on 25 is insane. 53; has a sad. :<
I know!! But we had a fun night!! \o/

We'll get that 53k more done the next night.
This fight is so much more difficult - AND FUN - on 25m. Did it on 10 when it was on beta, and dumbed down.

Shoulda been on Mumble when he had it down to 1%. I haven't felt so exhilarated about an encounter in...ever.

You all should definitely join in on the fun!
10/02/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Greasewald
This fight is so much more difficult - AND FUN - on 25m. Did it on 10 when it was on beta, and dumbed down.

Yeah, 10's are kinda ... I don't know. It's never been real raiding to me. We'll get it all done on 25's, as we always have. \o/
Falling asleep, but work soon.
It's all personal preference, I think...10 versus 25. But 25s are simply more fun/challenging because of the maintaining 15 extra people...in my opinion.

I like 10s too, though~

Tonight we kill!
Free bump from an ex-guildie on Moon Guard (Deftones), good luck on progression, I can definitely see you guys being the new kings of PvE on WrA!

Astalder was a stand-up solid group of people on Moon Guard (one of the few non-RP guilds that were) and your presence here on WrA is most welcome.

If you ever wondered what happened to me, I had to take a very long break from WoW due to RL issues.

When did you guys come over from MG?
We took a break for about 5 months from the game as a guild and landed here back mid summer. Most of us were feeling burnt out after raiding for 7 years.

Thanks for the support! =)
Dead dog things. :D
30% on Feng; enough for the night. ^.^

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