<Mayhem> 5/16 H recruiting for 25m

<Mayhem> is a semi/hardcore guild formed during Firelands, which since its formation has taken the server by storm. Our members come from various backgrounds such as pvp guilds to former world ranked guilds. Our main focus in Mayhem is progression, but we accomplish this in a fun environment. If you don't have thick skin or despise crude humor we probably aren't the guild for you.

With 5.2 coming out and the way the new thunder item system works it's in the benefit of most guilds to switch to 25 man come 5.2. So we will be making this transition as well. We only need a few more members to fill the roster next tier so reserve your spot now!

Progression: 5/6H 16/16N



Hunter (High)
DK (High)
Warrior (High)
Mage (High)
Spriest (High)
Warrior (High)

Tanks: (Closed)

Exceptions are made on the classes if we feel that the player is exceptional, and blows us away in the application process.

Raid times are T/W/R 8-11 EST

Players wishing to apply must be decently geared and must have prior raid experience. Again however, exceptions may be made based on the applicants past raiding experience and exceptionality.

Apply here: http://mayhem.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=272750

Or contact any officers in game such as Bullstizz battle tag: (Stizz#1886), Remain or me Gangréne (alt 0233 for é) battle tag: Phobia#1707.
Le bumps for duh panda children.
2/6 down need more skilled players join the fun ;)
spirit kings down come join ;)
Congrats on your great start.

Stizz, can you teach me how to Peanut Butter and Fluff?
Hmmm what's the word I'm looking for.... OH YEA

dps app now
elegon down need more people
bumpity bump
join....or die
le bump
bump for kill
3 bosses down this week come join the fun especially for our new 10 m thats forming!
Tell that Stizz guy hi! Also, possibly bump.
lfm for our 2nd raid grp rdps 1 leather mdps and healers are in demand apply now!

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