<Mayhem> 5/16 H recruiting for 25m

How about dem heroic Feng and Gara'jal down, and Sha of Fear. 3 more to go in vaults. bumpzorz
^ finally getting on a roll come apply if you want to down heroic modes
We fly high, no lie, you know this


group 2 is lookin for some dedicated tryouts


you get to hang out with astealoth, no autograph requests please.
Astea you just ooooozeee cool. DK and hunter high on priority list if anyone is interested.
Gangrene, Take a look at my thread i just posted! thanks.
recruitment is now open for 25 man come 5.2 apply now!
Thanks for your help last night guys. Best of luck with the transition. I am your biggest fan. BUMPS!

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