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I don't want any hate for what im about to write but i think it would be a nice idea if Blizzard added preferenced PvP. Example- You could chose to be in a Arena or BG were healing is prohibited or where all racial's have no effect,or perhaps restricting certain class ability's such as fear,disarm,stuns ect. I believe this is a great idea that Blizzard should take into account. Again i don't want hate on my topic or class but id love to here what you have to say about my idea.
It's just not a idea worth the dev team to spend time on when much better ideas are floating around honestly. What you listed is not what is wrong with arena. What is mainly wrong with arena is the amount of cc that does not share diminishing cool downs.
Do you not like it when you get your opponent to low health but then suddenly you get stunned and then they heal themselves to full health again ?. things like that Blizz need to take into consideration. Sure your a pally you can heal if you wish but classes like mine don't have the best of heals and would like to still play against classes that can heal well such as pally,priest ect. but restrict them in certain arenas and Battlegrounds.
Its an interesting idea, but it would complicate the whole situation to such a degree that threads would appear everywhere complaining about it.
Plus, it would make it really easy for smart people to manipulate the system to do things like get Conquest capped in a couple battles.
Not a bad idea though....
It's the first season(so far) that rogues are not totally viable and rise above other class's so I can see your frustration however it does not piss me off that the other team plays smart by CCing me or my partner when we are close for the kill because we also take advantage of tactics like that. Having the option not to have heals is something your not seeing the bigger picture on. Why do heals need to be excluded because some people are having troubles dealing with them? I understand it would be a option but it just does not seem like a good idea imo. People who hate healers will like the idea.
No no i don't hate healers in particular it just frustrates me at times when i VS a class that can heal such as yourself Holyshilidin. Lets say im about to kill you right ?You hammer of justice me and pop a few flash heals.Now that is frustrating and annoying.
Are we talking about vs as in 1v1? Well do you really want a healer weak enough to be killed against just one player? Because in a 2v2 your partner should be helping with silenced and and such. Just takes coordination. I understand just going against dps is much easier with no heals but this is a bit one sided.
Im talking about all of PvP in general
I'd disable all cc and interrupts and roll a healer.
I prefer to never play against mages or Spriests.

Is that how it works?
10/02/2012 05:48 AMPosted by Holyshilidin
What is mainly wrong with arena is the amount of cc that does not share diminishing cool downs.

I hate complaining about mages because I play one and I have nothing to complain about because i can usually beat them ( actually, more on occasion). But, a mage can kill any player on a single cc chain especially if they have used their trinket, and its even worse with a second dps. In a single deep freeze, when the frozen player does not have an available trinket, a mage alone should be able to DPS anyone from full to at least half.
I prefer to never play against mages or Spriests.

Is that how it works?


seems we think alike

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