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why hello my fellow wow comrades,

i started playing wow with a few friends (hunter shadow priest tree druid and a restro shaman) we all started on arthas but are looking for new home we first though about joining kel thuzad because its one of the top pvp servers and battle groups for alliance but shortly realized its an over populated server with wait times locks.

so what are some other really good pvp alliance servers that aren't overflowing with people?
we just want some top rated pvp groups for us cause we strive to be the best.
Emerald Dream?
yea emerald dream also has a lock and a wait time to que
See, the problem is that everyone trying to get to the top of the PvP rankings wants to be on the servers with the top people, this means that all such servers are overcrowded.

Right now, because an expansion was just released, a vast number of the servers have login queues because they are so full and everyone with characters on them is flooding the system all at once. In a few weeks it will start to die down again to a more typical level, but for now, if you want to be on the most popular servers you'll have to wait in line like everyone else.

If you want to get on a server with no login queues, you're going to have to settle for a server with a little less notable population.

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