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"A weapon isn't born with a name; it earns it."

I was looking through my wow TCG cards when I found this quote...It made me think; what does your character make of its weapon?

For Death Knights, a weapon is specially important to them, we know that, but what about the rest? Does your character have a special weapon, or have they made something special of it?

I love hearing stories like these about characters, hence why I've made this thread.
Since I just made this one, I'm still heavily debating on how to handle the whole runeblade/weapon aspect, and what to make of it for her. In the meanwhile, I'll listen to what you have to say about your own...and keep reading TCG descriptions.
For my warlock, I've been thinking about this a lot recently. I think I'm going to go the route of not having one particular weapon, but rather a steady collection of tomes, wands, and perhaps a sword or something of that nature.
Death Knights tend to have names for their weapons, as do Paladins and the like. Personally, Taldin always thought naming a weapon was a stupid way of getting overly attached to an inanimate object.
Since Kinarra is a warrior, her weapons are a special thing to her. She is very particular about materials, weight, size and balance. Same thing goes with her armor. She gathers the ore and scrap metal herself, so that she knows that the proper prayers and blessings will be said to the Earthmother and the ancestors. Anyway , her weapons might take a little longer to make, but in the end they are Earthmother approved, and backed by the ancestors' “next life” warranty.

During her time in Pandarian, she has become very impressed with their blacksmithing and crafting. She’s hoping to find a blacksmith or bladesmith willing to take her on as an apprentice so she can exchange methods and techniques with them.
Aethun fights naked like Beowulf
Ziichi's weapon is a grumpy Kaldorei she rides into battle while harping on about dragons.

I wish I was kidding. I really, really do.

Her shield is hiding beneath Marius' cloak, and her weapon is large blue eyes and AN'DA at high pitches. Or, when Salarous is around, hiding beneath his arm and pointing imperiously at someone while informing him they're an idiot.

... :|
This is why she's for comedy and not srs anymore, because in srs she just gets wrecked in about thirty seconds. AH CIVILIANS.
I favor my Frightskull Shaft. If you look at the model, well ... it's called "Lord Jarek" for a reason ...
Cas has two very simple daggers that he uses to threaten people with but he never tends to use them very often really. He prefers his fists.

One time he accidentally stabbed himself.
A death knights weapons are only vital to them if they are BEFORE third generation.

A second generation DKs powers and soul were tied with the blade, if he had no blade, he had no power.

A third gen can make any weapon his rune weapon, change them at will, and use his powers without needing his blade.
A named weapon?

A named weapon... that would be Kanas' bow.

Forged by the arcane-attuned smiths in Silvermoon, his bow was originally a gift passed between House Renard and a queldorei noble house that he doesn't know the name of or care to; a gesture of good will in the aftermath of the troll wars. Ordinarily, it was just a regular bow in the eyes of its makers... nothing more, nothing less. It was to be a weapon, just as lethal as any bow... but this one was made special; a gift. Carefully, with utmost attention to precision, the bowyer constructed the bow of truesilver, plating the original grip in ivory.

And then, for a time, the bow was passed down the Renard family line, even seeing action in the hands of a few of his estranged relatives. Somewhere along the line, the weapon was enchanted to never break, and to never age; it still uses the same bowstring attached to it so long ago in Silvermoon, although the original grip (and unfortunately the name of the craftsman) were replaced with that of truegold.

During the first two orc-human wars, the weapon gained particular infamy among the Horde and brigands as the tool of a family of Alliance marksmen. The story went that the if you ever managed to see the bowyer, the last thing you saw was a blast of silver before you died.

Kanas' grandfather overheard these stories, and decided to give the weapon a name; Silvergale.

Before the scandal had played out in Stormwind involving his parents, the last noble of House Renard to possess it was Walker Jackson Renard. When he decided to elope with the warlock Tara-mae "Black Tara" Jainrose however, Walker took the bow with him before his father could attempt to reclaim it.

Now, the weapon is in possession of Tara and Walker's son, Kanas. And he does the legacy of the weapon no disservice; Kanas has used the weapon to assassinate bandits and Horde targets ever since he took up hunting men instead of beasts. Some claim that the bow has legendary powers, but if that is true, that would be news to Kanas, considering he's the rightful heir. That hasn't stopped clueless bandits from trying to rob its owner without awareness of his skills, however.
Vivera pretty much has a hidden arsenal of knives all over her body. That might not surprise anyone.
Ling-Niu's longsword is the first weapon she crafted that didn't shatter when used or warp too wildly when the "serpent" blueprint was used in the forging process.

Aside from the clothes on her back, and the memories in her mind, it's the only possession she has from the Wandering Isle.

I should really name it.
Back on another server in an RP far far away on a DK after the release of wrath, our guild which revolved around a specific type of RP had two weapons going around which were rather well known even outside of the guild by some people who conflicted with us commonly. One was the blade our guild leader owned and as far as I know he never lost possession of it. The other was called the Blightreaver, and it was pretty much a hellreaver with the green potency enchant on it (which was hella expensive to get due to rarity).

Essentially the Blightreaver was my Deathknight's weapon, and we had a long and arduous journey to acquire the hellreaver, cleanse it of unwanted demonic energy, and then combine it with necromantic energies of the scourge to make it suit my DK's purposes. Essentially, open wounds caused by the blade would burst into scarabs, making armor and parrying an essential part of combat against the slow but strong undead husk my dude was. There were a few battles with this where it was used as intended, and to horrifying effect, however during one battle my death knight fell due to an oversight and was in effect killed.

The Blightreaver blade was then picked up by one of the aspiring officers, one who didn't actually like myself much, and he took it into his possession. (This required getting him the blade and then finding someone to do the enchant on it)

After a few more battles and a war or so, the first holder of the blade got reconstructed which became an issue when they vied for control over the blade later. Unfortunately I never got control of the blade back and left for Northrend, and the blade was either destroyed after being captured by one of the people who feared it or it simply vanished along with the new wielder.
There's this jar, y'see. With a living ember inside?
Tiersid keeps it on her person at every hour, waking or otherwise.

Psychological or not, that tiny fire is the inspiration she needs to be a conduit.
Or, in the case of more recent days, a time bomb.
Thanks to all of you for posting these stories. I've really enjoyed all of them, specially Kanas' and Koskei's! It certainly gives me a big shot of inspiration to learn more about your characters.

As for my own weapon, I'm still thinking about what to do with it...I might be choosing an axe, although details of it are still shifty.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with another quote I found in one of my cards.

"The deadliest weapon is one that ends a conflict."

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