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10/04/2012 01:39 PMPosted by Huggywuggles
But MMO's at their core are about variations of playstyles.

I love how people keep trying to tell us what MMOs are all about 'at their core'. No two of you actually say the same thing.

Th fact is that there are exactly two things that are essential to the MMO experience 'at its core':
1) Persistent, progressive player characters (this is the 'RPG' element);
2) A persistent, massively-multiplayer world (this is the 'MMO' element).

You want the reward? Do the dailies.

If it involves dailies, there will be no reward.

Probably be like BC, pvp a little and close the account.
Which do you want? Hard content or easy content? You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

This is not "content." This is mindless timesoaking. We all expect a certain degree of it from WoW, but this is too much. Even if it only took, as some incredibly positive fellow suggested, 45 minutes to do all the dailies, they still expect us to be repeating the same process every day with the reward so far away as to be intangible. (it also takes significantly longer than 45 minutes). My solution is this: I'm going to fill up on 463 gear from heroics and raid from there. I won't do another daily (except maybe fishing). They make me fall asleep.

I don't want the game to be easy. I also don't want it to be easy AND boring. Right now its a cakewalk. An incredibly dull, month-long cakewalk. Please stop confusing difficulty with monotony.
Pretty much bullet-points of "I don't wanna do all this, make it less because I want it."

Sad thing is...Blizz actually went ahead and made it easier.
it feels like I paid 40 bucks for some dailies
3) Reputation grinds are gated behind other reputation grinds
Shado-Pan and August Celestials rep cannot be gained until revered with Golden Lotus. This means if anyone wants rewards from Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, or August Celestials, they must grind Golden Lotus rep. I cannot think of a single reason any player interested in any kind of PvE advancement will not need to get revered with Golden Lotus. This results in hundreds, if not thousands, of players completing the same 8 quests every day. Competition for mobs/nodes/etc is beyond ridiculous.

I don't normally complain about things, but this bothers the hell out of me. If the golden lotus rep were faster it wouldn't matter, but I'm gaining rep with them at a snail's pace - I've been doing it over a week and I'm not even Honored yet.
Is it possible to have the same daily quest in your log multiple times (should save a little on grind if you can complete the same quest six times with the one 'kill 10 mobs').
Tier 1 dailies give about 100rep, Tier 2 dailies give 400-600 rep, and Tier 3 seem to give a little more. I don't see the problem. My Mage is almost revered with most Reps and at Friend with almost most all the Tillers (Best Friend with Elle already).
Somehow I'm almost Honored with Shado-Pan to and I haven't done any of their dailies yet lol
My only beef is that you can't advance certain reps until you complete Golden Lotus.

And that moves with the switfness of a pregenant glacier.
They did put a few ways in the game to get quick gear. World Boss's grant tier pve gear without haveing to have any kind of reputation. also they added a Black Market Auction House where they put rare items sometimes that you can bid on. but honestly once you start raiding and getting your gear drops i think this problem with rep grinds will be less of a pain.

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