PLEASE RESPOND: So You Think You Can Cook...

Hello WoW community... Remyxz here and I need some help on this quest "So You Think You Can Cook..."

I have the quest. I have the peaches... I have created the peach slices. Yet the quest remains incomplete. Every time I make the peaches... nothing happens. I dont get credit for the peaches being created and therefore i cant turn the quest in. Does anyone else have this problem or is it something I've done wrong? I have 525+ cooking skill and have never had a problem before with cooking or any of the other basic skills until now. If there is a forum post dedicated to this issue please respond with the link. Yes.... I have put a ticket in and reported the issue to Blizzard as a bug but I would like some clarification on this as it is very frustrating not being able to open all of the cooking trainers that I need to get my cooking skill maxed.

Thank you for your responses,

Only thing I can suggest is to abandon the quest, then remove all of the sliced peaches from your inventory (sell them or delete them). Make sure you have no sliced peaches in your inventory then take the quest again. Make the sliced peaches after you take the quest. If that doesn't work, I think you need GM help.
Yeah... that's what i tried first. I put a ticket in with the GM but figured I would go ahead and ask around here too... Amazing how many times I have had to contact a GM since this patch came out.
Okay, I can think of two reasons this might happen, the first being you are in a raid group. Only other thing I can think is that you are actually making "Diced Peaches" and not "Sliced Peaches" (I made that mistake the first time I tried).
Ok, have peaches but how do I cut them??
You don't, you learn Sliced Peaches from Sungshin and make them like any other recipe from the cooking window.

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